Exploring Essential Oils

In the later stages of my pregnancy and in labour, one thing that got me by was the use of essential oils. Being pregnant meant I couldn’t use anything too harmful, so it seemed the ideal time to try out different essential oils for things like keeping calm, coping with the pain of labour and even to bring on contractions! During my labour I used a spray called Liquid Yoga, which was AMAZING – it made a hospital water birth room feel like a spa and helped me to keep calm in so many ways. The smell still takes me back to that day. I also used Clary Sage to try to bring on labour and enhance my contractions but that I don’t have fond memories of, I can’t stand the smell of it now as it reminds me of labour! 

Since then I’ve been really intrigued by essential oils and their unique properties to enhance our lives in a natural, non-harmful way. It’s also a fabulous way to make the house smell lovely too. So, recently I’ve been exploring different scents, blends and have even got myself a handy diffuser kit (which makes me look oh-so-scientific too!) 

The essential oils kit I’ve got is perfect if you are a total novice like me. It’s the Intrepid Explorer Aromatherapy Diffuser Kit which is a fab diffuser that has no plastic, needs no water or heat. For me, ideal as it comes with a selection of 40 different pure essential oils: 16 blends, 14 individual pure essential oils and 10 certified organic essential oils so I can get experimenting with all different oils, without having to purchase hoards of separate bottles of essential oils which can get expensive in cost.

As the diffuser uses only pure essential oils and no water it’s one of the strongest ways to fill the room with pure essence and aroma. I’ve really been enjoying trying out different scents around the house and creating my own blends too.

I didn’t realise but the use of essential oils dates back to 3500 BC, even the Egyptians were into using these magical oils in their daily lives and rituals. I just love how they are safe to have around the children and there are so many options. So far I’m loving Lavender with Lemon for a calming aroma, eucalyptus when the little ones are snuffly and orange for a citrusy zing that feels fresh and seems to give me lots of energy when I need it most.

I’ve even heard essential oils can be used for helping to fight germs in the house, so over the winter months I’ll be looking into that too. There is still so much more exploring to be done!


What essential oils do you love around your home? I’m totally new to using essential oils around the house so I’d love to hear your recommendations!

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