5 Different Holidays to Suit Every Taste

A person’s perception of a dream holiday differs on the interest and the personal taste of the individual. The definitions of the word “adventure” vary from one person to another. It may mean a laid-back vacation, an extraordinary experience, or a bold, risky activity. Wherever you want to go, you have to plan ahead for a worthy holiday. When planning, always consider factors that will make your trip as hassle-free as possible. Consider your budget, time, and most importantly, your taste.

If deciding on what type of holiday is a tough choice to make, consider these 5 different holidays to suit every taste:

Go to an all-inclusive in Cuba

There are obvious advantages of an all-inclusive holiday; aside from having a stress free vacation, there are also countless holiday packages on offer to choose from. Cuba is an island full of blossoming countryside, beautiful beaches and rich culture. If you fancy relaxing, why not bathe on the long stretches of sandy beaches under the warm Caribbean sun. If exploring the culture is more up your street, you can visit and explore the fascinating architecture and history of the cities of Havana, Trinidad, and Santiago de Cuba.

Go trekking in the Amazon rainforest

If adventure means extreme for you, then trekking in the Amazon rainforest is your ideal holiday. Take yourself away from your normal hectic life and submerge yourself into a new culture and way of life. There are loads of activities you can do in one of the world’s most important jungles; trek and hike through the lush and thick forest, enjoy a canoe trip, and catch a sight of some wildlife.

Go camping in Cornwall

If the busy city life is all getting too much, why not give it a rest for one weekend and exchange it for a connection with nature? If so, Cornwall is the perfect campsite destination. Although 80% of the place is surrounded by water, it is also home to superb gardens that tourists can enjoy due to its mild climate. One of the world’s largest greenhouses and plant collections across the globe can be found in Eden Project. You can also go camping in the lost gardens of Heligan, where the most famous botanical gardens in the UK are located. Take pleasure in looking at the huge, fantastic collection of plants, trees and shrubs.

Go to wild walks in Zimbabwe

Do you define adventure and holiday as wild? Well, in Zimbabwe, you’ll discover some of the best walking safaris in Africa. Enjoy a thrilling journey and have a near encounter with wild creatures such as lions, leopards, rhinos, and elephants. Professional guides will escort and lead you in your journey of finding wild species.

Go to a tour in the Vatican

If visiting historical and religious places is your top interest, then a tour in the Vatican suits you well. According to some tourists, visiting this place doesn’t need a tour guide. You can use a guide book with a map or have an app in handy. But, to fully experience the Vatican museums, Sistine Chapel and more, a guided tour is always the best option. The Saint Peter’s Basilica is one of the largest Renaissance-era churches. Don’t miss Michaelangelo’s Pieta; you must admire the beauty of this masterpiece.



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