Excellent Reasons To Catch The Blogging Bug



In the late ’90s, blogging was seen as a niche hobby. It was the opportunity for a small few to have their own little corner of the internet, passing comment on the state of the world, and sharing pieces of their life with friends, family, and the occasional follower.

Fast-forward twenty years or so, and blogging has become so much more. For some it is a way to make money on the side; a side-hustle that complements their existing income. For others, blogging is a useful marketing tool to showcase their business. Blogging has also become a business in its own right, with many people choosing to write full-time, using their own blog to make money, or freelancing their skills to write for others. And, of course, many people are still using their blogs to have their say, although, with some savvy marketing, they can now reach more people than ever before with their worldviews.

If you haven’t caught the blogging bug then, perhaps now is the time to seriously consider how it could affect your life. Let’s have a closer look at why you should.


Blogging is an excellent way to make a passive income

Who doesn’t want a little extra money in their pockets? We all do – unless we are so rich as not to care – and blogging is an excellent way to do this. If you are already blogging as a hobby, or are considering the possibility, then you can make money by doing very little. Well, we say ‘very little’ – you will still need to produce amazing content and commit to marketing your blog – but if you are already doing this anyway, you may as well make money from your endeavours. Through sponsorships, affiliate links, and advertising, your blog can generate a passive income, that can coexist nicely with what you are already earning each month. We go into further detail here, so read our article, and put our helpful advice into practice. Just think about where you could spend that extra money!

Blogging is a viable business choice

While many businesses utilize their blogs to market their product or service, many people are also starting out in business as a blogger! It’s a viable way to make money, so if you have a flair for the written word, then it’s something worth considering, be it as a part or a full-time endeavour. There are loads of blogging business ideas here, from becoming a beauty blogger to guest writing for others, so you have plenty of options to choose from. You might want to think twice before giving up your career, of course, but if you are unemployed or are looking to move into something new, you can still take steps to consider your choices.

Blogs are an excellent selling platform


E-commerce is one business idea mentioned in the linked article above, but as many of use Amazon and eBay to sell our old junk…erm…we mean our prized possessions anyway, then it’s good to know that your blog can be utilized for this very purpose. While you could link your blog to your Amazon and eBay pages, you can also (depending on your blogging platform) add store functionality to your blog using free or paid plugins. WooCommerce is an excellent plugin for WordPress, for example, and is one of the most popular eCommerce platforms on the web. Combined with the services of Fixed who maintain and support WooCommerce Plugins and Theme Upgrades, you can quickly add selling functionality to your blog that is dependable and secure. So, whether you need a clear out of your closets, or have a product you are looking to sell, consider WordPress as your blogging platform of choice, or research the viable others that can offer similar functionality.

Blogging is fun!

Okay, so we have focussed on the money-making side of blogging thus far, but as early adopters discovered those many years ago, blogging is also a fun way to spend your downtime. It can be your platform to write about anything that interests you. You can use a blog to expand your creative side. And you can make new friends, making virtual relationships with the people who engage with you through your blog. You see, you don’t have to use your blog to make money. It doesn’t have to be the focus of your next business idea. Blogging can be what it always used to be, a fun and meaningful hobby that allows you to have your little piece of the internet.


And so…

Is it time you caught the blogging bug? It might be, if you haven’t already done so, of course. Be it to make money or to share your voice online; there are excellent reasons why you might give blogging a go. Let us know your thoughts!

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