Planning The Ultimate Trip to Dubai

Are you planning to take a trip to Dubai? If so, then you need to know several things about Dubai before having your flight. Dubai is popularly known as the world’s best tourist destination. It’s a city with different people from different races, religions, and cultures. It’s a city that lacks nothing but requires your pocket to be fully packed. Dubai records over 400 million visitors annually.

Find an Amazing Hotel to Stay in Dubai

Dubai has numerous highly rated hotels for visitors located in different places. Your hotel choice depends on your budget allocations. There are four areas you can reside in Dubai with state-of-the-art hotels as discussed below:

The Palace Downtown Palace

It’s found on the edges of the magnificent Dubai Fountain. The hotel is surrounded by excellent restaurants and cocktail bars. It has a modern art swimming pool and leisure and business center. The hotel also has guest suites with lake and mountain views. It’s rated 5th best in Dubai.

Manzil Downtown Dubai

The hotel is fitted with the best Arabic architectural designs. It has been equipped with a state of art gym and swimming pool. Its rooms are fitted with magnificent Arabic décor which gives a good view to its environs. The hotel is rated 4th best.

Vida Downtown Dubai

The Vida Hotel is another state of the art restaurant rich with the Arabic architectural designs. Its rooms and suites are designed to be occupied by a small or large group.

Armani Hotel Dubai

It’s located at Burj Khalifa. It has an excellent view of the environs. The hotel is known for its tasty traditional Indian meals and live bands.

Pre-Book Your Taxi to and from the Airport

Whatever your choice of hotel, to guarantee a smooth start to your holiday, be sure to pre-book your airport transfer to your hotel.

What to do in Dubai?

Visit the Waterparks

Your stay in Dubai will be enjoyable if you visit the beautiful waterparks as well. Here are some of the most popular ones that you can visit:

Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai

Located in Burj Al Arab, you can slide on this park’s fastest and tallest free-falling water slide in the area. If you want to go wild, this is the best place to be.

Aquaventure Water Park

If you want a thrill, then this water park will not only provide you with electrifying slides but also a chance to watch the marine wildlife that they also showcase.  

Yas Waterworld

If you want to be splashed and be one with a tornado waterslide, then Yas Waterworld will give you just that. This place is great for both adults and kids – truly a relaxing and amazing spot for families.

Shop in Dubai Malls

Of course, your travel won’t be complete without a trip to Dubai’s great malls. There are countless amazing malls, including the largest – The Dubai Mall. For any shopaholic, be sure to factor some time into your holiday to pay them a visit.

Visit the Burj Khalifa

Lastly, no trip to Dubai is complete without a going up the famous Burj Khalifa; the tallest building in the world.


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