Review: Silver Cross Wave Double Pushchair & Simplicity Car Seat

It’s been a while since I did a pushchair review and now we have two-under-two we are entering a whole new realm of DOUBLE buggies now too! Honestly, when I was pregnant I had no idea where to start. It feels like such a big jump from a single to a double, both in size and price, so getting the right one is so important. Those first days taking out two babies are so daunting you really want something that is right for you and easy to use – let looking after two babies be the difficult bit! So, today I wanted to share with you a whistlestop review of the Silver Cross Wave Double Pushchair. I’ve really enjoyed testing it out, it felt so different to anything I had had before so it’s been a real treat!  

In the name of transparency – I’ll tell you I was lucky enough to win the Double pushchair including baby carrycot and accessories in a Facebook competition on the official Silver Cross page – I was just a lucky winner chosen at random which I couldn’t BELIEVE, I never win anything! However, since then I was sent the Simplicity Car seat by Silver Cross to feature as part of this review. I was not asked by Silver Cross to provide a review, I am just writing it in the hope it will be helpful if you are looking to buy this pushchair and to share my thoughts. 

So, my Silver Cross Wave arrived in two boxes back at the beginning of last year when I was still pregnant and I had to just pack it away for a few months waiting for the big reveal once the new baby was born. Fast forward to when Pearl was born – a week or so later we got it out the box, ready to take our first walk with little Pearl in tow. To say I was excited about putting it all together was an understatement, I think I genuinely squealed with delight when it was time to take it out for our first walk. It felt so surreal to be pushing along a double buggy with not one, but now TWO babies. I was in my element, showing off my new addition to the family, in a super stylish buggy nonetheless too. 


The Silver Cross Wave is probably the smartest, most luxurious pushchair I have ever owned. The attention to detail, the quality and embellishments are honestly second to none. It looks beautiful and so stylish. Our pushchair is in Linen which is a taupe kind of shade which is gorgeous.

Putting the pushchair together was relatively simple, it required a bit of assembly but once we got it all together it’s super easy to fold up and down as well as changing the seats around. It’s also amazingly simple to turn from a single to a double or to add the car seat using the adapters. In fact the innovative One plus One® system means that there sixteen different seating combinations to carry siblings or twins, which is pretty amazing! 

The carrycot has a really soft, plush lining with like a memory foam mattress which looks really comfy and both seats have large sun shades with UPF50+ which can be pulled right over giving maximum sun protection, with little a little flap to peep on your little one too, which I always find so handy when they are sleeping. The travel system comes with with two mosquito nets and two raincovers to ensure baby is shielded whatever the weather. 

The toddler seat seems super comfy too, with a jersey padded seat liner for extra comfort. This seat reclines and offers a leg support so is ideal for toddlers who prefer to sit up or have a nap on the run too. 

The pushchair has a really large shopping basket, which seems easy to use when used with a toddler seat, however when the baby carrycot is fitted the gap to get anything then becomes quite small. The brake is easy to flip on and off and the chassis has a four-way independent wheel suspension with puncture proof tyres. 

One of the first things I noticed that I wasn’t sure about was the fact the baby carrycot had to go on the bottom. We used the pushchair for the first time when Pearl was only 2 weeks old, so wanted to keep eyes on her at all times and having her on the bottom meant she was out of sight unless I stopped walking and peeped into the carrycot below. As you can imagine – because of this, we stopped quite a few times along the way!  I contacted Silver Cross about changing the seats around but the only way to do this is to buy another toddler seat at £250 (with different adapters) so you can put the seats the other way around. It seems a shame the adapters are not included to allow you to move the seats into both positions when you first buy the pushchair.


As you can tell, I was still excited nonetheless to get it out onto the road. Since then we have had quite a few compliments on it out and about too! The size does take quite a bit of getting used to if you’ve gone from a single to a double. It felt GINORMOUS on our first walks and is quite a lot heavier than I was used to as well. I’m sure this is normal going from a double to single, but I do think it’s on the heavier side compared to other doubles too. Bumping it up the curb is quite tricky and requires a certain knack for sure. Saying that, the chassis feels so sturdy, strong and high quality which in turn seems to have added to the overall weight so I can kind of let them off – but it’s a shame it’s so heavy to push as it does get tiring after a while with two, I can’t imagine how heavy it must be with two toddlers! 

Navigating around, I did worry about getting in and out of shops and doorways, but being no wider than a single pushchair this hasn’t been an issue. You can easily weave around shops, doorways, narrow pavements, just as you would with a single. 


We have quite a large car, so putting the travel system into the boot hasn’t been an issue, as the chassis is the same size as the single Silver Cross Wave, it fits standard boot sizes, although I found I needed the extra room to fit the toddler seat and the carrycot – without the parcel shelf in, they just about fit. It’s all really well thought out when it comes to ease of folding up/putting together, with everything clicking into place at the touch of a button. 

Just to make things even easier, the matching car seat – the Simplicity fits onto the Wave chassis with connectors and also onto the Simplifix ISOFIX base in the car, this means if little one is sleeping in the car seat, there is no need to wake them to put them in the buggy, even in double mode it still fits. ‘Simplicity’ is the perfect name for this car seat, it doesn’t have any fancy bells or whistles, but it’s safe and sturdy, lightweight, easy to use and super quick to get in and out of the car, we were also able to change the hood to match our Wave colour – what more do you need?


Overall, this pushchair is hands down the best looking, most stylish I’ve ever owned. There is a reason Silver Cross are used by the Royal Family, they are absolutely stunning, with gorgeous embellishments and attention to detail. It’s easy to see Silver Cross use the highest quality fabric and materials to build their pushchairs.

At price tag of £1,100 this is not a cheap option but an investment that will last. The versatility of seating combinations means it’s a pushchair that will see you right through from newborn to toddler and the fact it can be used with one or two seats means there is no need to buy a separate single pushchair for days you are only out with one child either. 

So, I think with this pushchair it really depends on what you’ll use it for. If you are looking for a pushchair for a variety of terrain, maybe going off road, to the park in the mud – this one might be tricky, it’s not so easy when the ground gets rough and bumpy and steering can be even heavier too.

But, if you are looking for a pushchair for city life, style and elegance, this one is for you. It is certainly a little on the heavy side, but if you are pushing it around on the pavement and shopping centres it’s a breeze. It’s ideal for the school run as everything clicks together easily and the car seat can be added with ease too.

Overall, I really love our Silver Cross Wave and think it’s so gorgeous (can you tell?). Positives are how stylish it is, easy to use, comfortable for the babies, it fits through doorways and shops and the amazing attention to detail in the design. The negatives are however that it’s on the heavier side and it’s disappointing that the newborn carrycot has to go on the bottom (unless you buy another seat). All in all it’s a fabulous, simple, stylish double pushchair, if you can overlook those points. 

Have you tried the Silver Cross Wave – what did you think? 





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  • I have the silver cross wave bundle in sage for my first born and I absolutely love it. Wouldn’t have anything else. Hoping it will last one day for baby no2. My only criticisms is the weight of the car seat when my little on is in it! So heavy!