Violet & Pearl – Siblings January 2019

It’s been an exciting month for the Siblings as they experienced their first Christmas together! I’m sure that they are too young to really understand what was going on, but I feel like having extra family time together and a whole load of new and exciting toys really brought them together in ways I’d not seen before. 

Pearl is now fully interacting with Violet, rolling both ways and sitting for a while in a bumbo seat. This in turn has brought new interest to Violet. She has realised that Pearl isn’t just a baby anymore that cries, sleeps and eats – actually she has a little playmate, she just needs to work out how they can play together in a way Pearl can manage. 

This month has been the first month I’ve noticed they will just interact together without encouragement. At Christmas they enjoyed playing with Violet’s Happyland sets together and long walks in the double buggy. If I put Violet in first, she will tap Pearl’s side to indicate she wants me to put her in next to her. Often she will bring her toys to hold and if Pearl cries Violet will run about looking for a bottle or blanket to help out.

The best moments are those caught off guard, like bedtime cuddles on the playmat, or when I put Pearl into Violet’s bed and said she was feeling poorly after her injections – Violet got under the covers with her, gave her a big cuddle and said ‘night night!’.

It’s lovely having two girls so close in age, even a boring trip to B&Q left them smiling and laughing with each other. I think once Pearl is sitting up, they will really start to bond and play together every day!

This is my last official month of having two-under-two. Violet turns two in February, I’m excited to see what changes that will bring!

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  • Ha, last month of being able to call it two under two but it doesn’t mean it suddenly gets easier does it?! I am still going to be impressed with your mum skills!
    This post is so so cute and making me want to get pregnant immediately so Emilia can have a little playmate (my husband is not going to like you!). I would do it now if we could but we are being practical and waiting until the ‘right’ time for us. Ugh. Hate practicality!