9 tips for travelling with a baby

Are you traveling with a baby? Well, you got to be prepared as you would find yourself surrounded by paraphernalia. You would have your hands full as you need to cater to every mood of your baby, keep him happy and ensure that the trip goes fine and without any hiccups. But, babies can be unpredictable and traveling with your baby can sometimes look like a rock band show. So, if you are really looking forward to a peaceful travel experience with your baby, you need to keep some tips in your mind.

Here are some tips to have an enjoyable experience while traveling with your baby: 

  1. When traveling by plane, always check with the airlines as some require that the infant should be at least two years old or at least two weeks old. When flying it is better if you book a seat with a bassinet connection for more comfort.
  2. It is a good idea to carry the favorite items of your child such as his favorite blanket and toy or his favorite pillow. You need to keep him comfortable as well as entertained. If your baby remains calm and in a happy mood, you can expect your journey to go smoothly.
  3. Talk to your baby, cuddle him a lot and tell him stories to keep him engrossed. You can even load your portable DVD or iPad with games and songs.  Those efforts will keep your baby and toddlers busy, and you can keep those terrible moments away.
  4. Make sure you have lots of extra clothing and diapers for your baby. After all, messes can happen anytime, and it is always better to have a spare change of clothing and plenty of diapers. Always carry a box of wipes to handle unexpected situations. 
  5. Wherever possible, it is always a good idea to breastfeed your baby. It is a lot easier, and one doesn’t need all that extra gear. You can find a quiet and peaceful spot for privacy and can breastfeed your baby. There is no need to feel shy or awkward about it.
  6. If your trip is longer, take breaks and stop at a safe public place where you can walk around with your baby. Do some research and get to know about kid-friendly places or restaurants on your route. It is a good idea to give your baby a break from being confined in a seated position for hours.
  7. Keep your baby close to you for his comfort and security. After all, his world revolves around you, and you are his comfort zone., If you disappear for a longer time, he is going to get uncomfortable and insecure. So, keep him seated next to you at all times.
  8. Everyone likes games, songs, and music. So keep the whole family in a fun mood by singing songs together and keep the baby involved. You can play games, make up rhymes and it sure can be a very soothing experience for the whole family.
  9. There is no harm in looking for nanny services or local baby sitter to get some break for yourself. Just ensure that you are hiring from a reputed and trusted service provider. You can get references from your friends and get their help to find a reliable baby sitter.

Now there is no need to get anxious or wry about the trip or how you are going to handle your baby. Just keep the above tips in mind to have a fun and memorable journey when traveling with a baby.


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