Review: Britax B-Agile Double Stroller

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I remember before I had two little ones, I would see Mum’s with side-by-side strollers and wonder how they manage with such a giant buggy! How do they get through doors? Go shopping? Navigate small pavements? It looked all too difficult! But, now that Mum is me – and do you know what? I’m pleasantly surprised by how easy using a double stroller is! I’ve really grown to love our buggy – it comes everywhere with us as it’s just SO EASY and more streamlined than I imagined – it’s given me the confidence to get out and about with two and that is priceless. 

Today I wanted to chat about our Britax B-Agile Double Stroller. We’ve been using it for a few months now and it’s just ideal for us. I am a brand ambassador for Britax Römer, which means I’m a firm believer in their products are always high quality, safe, intuitive and one of the brands I’d trust with the girls. Alongside our stroller we also use the BABY SAFE i-Size carseat and base  on a daily basis too, which handily connects to the stroller with adapters if need be. For transparency for my role as ambassador I’m sent products to try and to write completely open and honest reviews, this is not a paid partnership, but one I’m happy to be part of as I’m a real advocate for the brand.  

Although we’ve used our stroller for a few months now, the other day we headed out for a chilly family day out to give our Britax B-Agile Double Stroller a good thorough review whilst actually out and about. I think these are the best kind of reviews they are based on real experiences, muddy wheels and all! Since we’ve had the B-Agile Stroller we’ve not been gentle with it, it’s pushed to the muddy park nearly daily, across fields to see the horses, around towns, thrown in and out of the car and taken on every day trip. It’s certainly robust and durable as it looks as good as the day we got it, only with added mud for decorative purposes! 

We headed to Drusillas Park  – we go there quite a lot as it’s so close to where we live and the girls just love it. We had the car all packed up – including the stroller which fits nicely in the boot. I love that it folds up in one piece, there are no extra parts to remember, pack up or to try and fit in.

When we got to the zoo, setting up the B-Agile Stroller is a piece of cake, just one handle to release, pull the main bar up and it clicks into place. I’ve found the Cosy Toes a bit tricky to secure into place so they have become quite fiddly, but once we have sorted those, we are ready to put the girls in, strap them in and we are good to go. The Cosy Toes have been essential this winter as it’s so cold, they are like little sleeping bags, so warm and fleecy on the inside. I would like to be pushed around in a sleeping bag if I’m honest! 

One of the great things about the B-Agile Stroller is that it’s suitable from birth – 4 years. Both sides fully recline (separately) so it’s been ideal for Pearl under 6 months so she can lay flat.  I found it a bit odd putting such a small baby into a stroller at 2/3 months Pearl has been comfy and fine. You can buy an extra carrycot part, but we didn’t feel we needed this as the seat goes completely flat. Nowadays, she likes to sit up and look out at the world, so we have the option to just slightly raise her seat so she isn’t too upright. In the early days I was worried about her being forward facing and me not having full view of her, but there is a flap to lift up and peek in on the sun hood so I could see her at all times.  

We had a fab day out at the zoo. Having a double stroller for days out is so handy. Violet likes to walk the majority of the time, so I find the B-Agile is light enough to push with one hand, whilst holding VIolet’s hand or keeping her check. It navigates round corners easily and over all terrain. If you get caught in the rain, it comes with a huge rain cover that covers the entire buggy.

At the zoo we navigated through narrow paths, doorways and animal enclosures without any trouble at all. We only had a slight issue in the cafe where the tables were close together which was a bit tricky as we had to completely unload the stroller and park it in the buggy park. 

Once Violet was tired of walking around, she hopped back in for a snooze. Snuggled in the cosy toes she will often fall asleep immediately on the way back from the park or walking around the zoo, it looks so comfy! 

The only thing I’ve found to be a bit tricky is fitting my change bag into the baskets at the bottom. Where there is a divider between the two seats, this stops you from placing large items in the baskets. This is a minor detail though as it’s still great for lunchboxes, extra blankets, the raincover, shopping bags or whatever else you need to carry about! I’ve bought some buggy clips and attach my change bag to the handle, which works just as well.  As you can see from the photos, we get so much use out of our buggy, the wheels are never clean! I think thats the sign of a well-loved buggy, rather than a bad thing… 

Overall, I absolutely love our Britax B-Agile Stroller. I’ll be totally honest and say this surprises me, I’ve always thought this style of stroller would be too bulky to use for us, but I’ve hardly run into any problems. I do avoid tiny shops/cafes if I’m on my own with the buggy, but that is a rarity. It fits just fine through most doors and taking it shopping at the mall was just as easy as a regular sized buggy too. I love how each seat is totally independent, so you can adjust the recline and sun hood to each child’s preference and needs. It’s super light and folds down quickly and easily. 

Downsides are the basket is pretty shallow and sometimes the seats/coverings can be a bit fiddly to attach and secure into place, the rain cover is really tricky to use before you get the knack, but honestly – those are minor details that wouldn’t put me off this stroller at all. 

I’m really looking forward to using the Britax B-Agile for years to come. It goes right up to 4, so it’s got loads of life in it for us yet – I can’t wait until Violet and Pearl are riding along chatting to each other in their seats next to each other – it’ll be so sweet! 

The Britax B-Agile Stroller is priced at £255, with the cosy toes and car seat adapters at an extra cost. 

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