Review: Joie 2-in-1 Sansa Rocker

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One of my top recommendations for a newborn is a good bouncy chair. You might feel like you want to hold them and squish them 24/7 (and honestly, I really do too) but you’ll be so glad for a safe, comfy space for them that is calming and a place they can sleep so you can give your arms a well-earned break now and again.

I seriously missed a trick with Violet as I didn’t have a fancy one. The seat we had back then had bright colours, lights and toys, but it didn’t move or rock, which is what I really needed as she was such an unsettled baby. The hours I must have spent rocking her seat with my foot must have added up into a ridiculous amount, so by the time Pearl came along I knew I wanted to get the perfect rocker and bouncy chair that did EVERYTHING. So, today’s post is talking all about Pearls bouncy chair – the Joie Sansa 2-in-1.


The Sansa came in a huge box in more pieces than I was expecting for a bouncy chair! I am utterly awful at the assembly stage, but laid all the parts out and followed the instructions and managed to put it all together within about 20 minutes. It wasn’t that tricky after all, so if I can do it I’m sure you can too!


We have the Sansa in ‘Petite City’ which is a gorgeous grey and white colour. It fits in well with our living room without bright colours which is lovely and soothing for little ones. I’ve realised that a rocker should be an area for calm, rather than playtime when it comes to newborn babies to get the best out of it. The Sansa’s seat is soft and comfy with a squishy headrest and straps to hold baby in with a 5 point harness for maximum safety.

With the Sansa, there are two options – the bouncy seat can be used independently as a lightweight seat for your baby, which can easily be moved around from room to room and is a safe place for your baby to sit. Essential for moments like taking your baby in the bathroom with you whilst you shower or in the kitchen whilst you prepare food. I am always moving our seat around the house, taking Pearl with me and giving her a comfy place to sit and watch what is going on!

The other option is that the seat can then be returned to the main base, which is much heavier and we’ve kept ours just in one place. This can be plugged into the mains, which is really handy as there is no need to find batteries for the unit or worry about them running out whilst your baby is mid-nap!  Once on the main base, the seat is able to be rocked, swayed, move side-to-side and vibrate. There are also soothing sounds and music too.


The Sansa is the ultimate in baby rockers. Newborns just love movement, being rocked and swayed and sometimes you just need a bit of extra help to settle your baby, so this seat is perfect for that.  Pearl absolutely loved snuggling up in her seat, the swaying motion made her so calm. I really love how the movement is controlled by a dial so you can chose how fast your baby is rocked and work out exactly what they like and find most calming.

For me, one of the main advantages of the Sansa is having a safe place to pop the baby when the toddler needs my attention. Often I would put Pearl down in her cot and she would immediately cry as she wanted to be held or rocked, then I would be unable to help Violet. It’s so tricky juggling two so small, so the Sansa often keeps Pearl calm and entertained whilst I deal with Violet by gently rocking her and keeping her on the move.

We got the Sansa when Pearl was around 4 months old, which I feel was a bit too late. Although she still fits in the seat and still finds it super calming, I wish we’d had it for the newborn days when we needed it the most! With both girls I can’t tell you the hours I’ve spend rocking their manual bouncy chairs with my foot, trying to settle them to sleep. Especially with Violet who had colic, so the movement and vibrations would have been so perfect.


We absolutely love the Joie Sansa 2-in-1. At around £150, it is more expensive than other bouncy chairs (by quite a long way) but I think those newborn days are tricky enough so having help soothe your baby so you can have a little rest is worth it’s weight in gold. Especially if you are like me and have another older child too) I can only wish we’d got this product earlier to get the most out of it but never mind – at least we’ve got it now and it’s still very much loved and played with every single day.


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  • Hey Lyndsay,
    Appreciate your review about Joie Sansa 2 in 1. Really helpful.
    I had one question – Till what age were you able to use it before Pearl found it no longer appealing? Appreciate your inputs.
    Best Regards

  • Hi looking at this for my upcoming newborn we had a mamma and pappas vibration only one i think for my first so trying to work out if this is worth the cost or stick to one that just vibrates, Have seen some people comment the straps dont go much bigger were you able to keep having her fastened in safely?