Violet is TWO!

We officially have a TWO YEAR OLD. With time flying at the speed of light, I can’t quite believe it but Violet is TWO. Cue the terrible twos – I’m ready for you! So, this year we decided to have a quieter birthday than her first birthday, where we threw a big party. Last year I found myself making Pinterest-worthy ladybird babybels at midnight and stressing endlessly about party arrangements, only for Violet to be poorly on the day. This year, I vowed to be more relaxed about it all! We decided instead to have a small celebration as a family at home, then a day out to one of her favourite local farms.

We woke up early and Violet raced into the living room. The first thing she noticed were the balloons, which she threw up into the air, then she spotted the Baby Shark banners I had made – saying ‘Baby, Baby!’ over and over and breaking out into the ‘Baby Shark Dance’. We then made pancakes for her breakfast (her favourite!) and sat and opened some presents!

We said over and over we weren’t going to buy too much for her birthday, but over time I just picked up little things she’d like and some of our friends dropped presents off and posted gifts to her, she was truly one spoiled girl and I felt so touched so many people had thought to send gifts for her!

This year I really feel she had grasped the concept of presents – going ‘Ooooooooh’ ‘Aaaaaaah!’ as she ripped open the wrapping paper! Most presents were opened with a huge ‘WOW!!!!!!!’ which made opening the presents even more fun and sweet.  We just did a few on the morning of her birthday so she had time to look at her new toys and play with them without getting too overwhelmed, we opened a few over the next day too.

After a lovely family morning, we got ready and headed to the farm, where a few of Violet’s friends joined us for a day out. We headed to Washbrooks which is around 20 minutes from where we live. It’s only a little farm, but it’s so cute and has loads of play areas and space for little ones to let off some steam. Violet of course was first to find the slide, whizzing down it over and over again.

Violet loved the farm, spotting all the animals and riding on the tractor. We were so lucky as the weather was BEAUTIFUL for February! We finished the day with a little picnic and the grand reveal of her birthday cake for this year, which of course had to be BABY SHARK! (Another massive success by V, of course!)

All in all, it was a fab day out, Violet had a lovely day and fell asleep immediately in the car on the way home and slept for a good couple of hours! I cannot wait to see what her second year holds for her. She has turned from a baby into a little girl in the blink of an eye. She’s talkative, caring, hilariously funny – I cannot wait until she can talk more so we can see what is going on in that little mind of hers.

Thank you to everyone who helped to make Violet’s Second Birthday a special one!  

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