Violet & Pearl – Siblings February 2019

It seems I’m always a few days late to the The Siblings Project but here is our February update! This month marks my final month in the #TwoUnderTwo club! As of the 24th, Violet will turn two – I can’t believe it! I can safely say I survived two-under-two life and although I’m so pleased we had our girls close together I am 100% sure I won’t be renewing my membership to the two-under-two club! It has been a challenge – I am not going to lie! Although six months in, things are finally starting to get a little easier. 

This month has felt like Violet has turned into a proper little girl – she’s so much more understanding, talks back and is just so fun to be around. She’s starting to interact so much more with Pearl, calling her ‘Baby’. Asking things like ‘Has baby gone night night?’ and saying ‘Baby did a wee wee!’ and ‘Baby has shoes!’. Violet loves being a big sister and continues to play with her dolly, copying everything I do with Pearl – including scolding those around her if they make a noise when ‘Baby is night night’. I’m often shushed, which I suppose is the byproduct of having a little baby sister, it’s what she’s seen and learned from our new family dynamic, but it’s amazingly cute.

Violet has been so intrigued by weaning, I think she just thought babies drank milk as she was telling me ‘Noooo!’ when I tried to give Pearl some solid food. Even though Violet has been out of the highchair for months now, seeing Pearl in one made her incredibly jealous, so we’ve bought another one exactly the same. The girls now sit in their highchairs to eat together, although I’ve learned I need to keep them a small distance apart as they swap food! Pearl has tried wotsits, pesto pasta and a handful of sweetcorn that were lovingly shared by her big sister. Not sure any of those are recommended ‘first finger foods’ but thats what happens when you are a second baby!

Pearl has enjoyed getting more involved this month, she’s nearly sitting up independently, so this will open so many different ways to play together. Pearl had her first Softplay experience, going on the big slide with Violet and in the ball pit. They also had their first snow day together – I could tell she just couldn’t wait until she can run about and join in properly!

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