Days out with toddlers: advice and hacks for mums

The terrible two’s.. the tantrum three’s.. #TwoUnderTwo.. it seems the nicknames go on for having toddlers. It is a handful to have toddlers, yes, but it is also such an adorable stage as you watch your kids grow, and my favourite, getting to see them through their wobble stage. As Violet has gotten older, going out and going places (rather than just the grocery store) with her is actually possible. It has gotten so much nicer to take her out of trips or for short outings because she can “understand” more of what’s going on rather being completely overwhelmed by her surroundings. It’s easier on me, absolutely, but it also is more of an adventure for her that it seems she can really be a part of and enjoy rather than be overwhelmed by.

Travelling and going out with toddlers can be a lot, so for all us parents out there, it is crucial to do some preparation.

Here are a few pieces of advice that have really helped me, as well as other mums I have swapped stories with:

Pack efficiently

While you are keeping an eye on your kid, the last thing you want to be doing is struggling with your daypack or things in general. We have all been there and it is not fun. It’s just an extra handful on top of the handful of having toddlers in the first place! So, pack efficiently and remember to bring at least one change of clothes (for both of you!) If you are travelling via car, you have more space so pack efficiently, but also use the space! Remember to pack some baby wipes! Those are helpful for everything.

Have healthy snacks

A hungry toddler is more than likely a grumpy toddler. Avoid meltdowns (at least the ones caused by a rumbly tummy) by packing healthy snacks and having them accessible at all times. Avoid sugary snacks.. the sugar rush and crash they’ll get from high sugar snacks will only cause extra stress for you and them. Instead go for fresh fruit, cucumbers, carrots, healthy crackers, etc.

Maintain sleep patterns

Sleep patterns and routines are so important for little ones. While travelling or being out and about may make it easy to push back naptime or bedtime ‘just a little bit’, it is worth pencilling in the time for your toddlers to sleep. It will make the time out more enjoyable, as well as the transition of sliding back into routine once home a whole lot easier.

Always have a children’s (and mum’s) medicine kit accessible

A little medicine kit is one of those things that you don’t need until you really need it. Always have a medicine kit handy just in case! It will save you from any unnecessary stress.

And in terms of how to keep toddlers happy, interested and overall pleasant while you are out together, here are a few pieces of advice:

Pack small activities

Bring along a number of small activities your toddlers can spend time doing. Perhaps some books, crayons and paper, puzzles, stickers, etc.

Bring a smart device

Even if you limit screen time at home, when you’re out of your usual environment is the time to loosen up on this rule. Your little one can only be entertained with small activities for so long. So, bring a smart device with movies and cartoons downloaded on to it, which you can set up for offline accessibility with sites like for example.

Bring that special something

What stuffed animal or special something always puts a smile on your toddlers face? Whatever it may be, absolutely bring that along!

Every mum has her secrets to making her kids happy while enjoying days out. What are some of yours?

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