Dangers of Using Bad Tyres When Driving in Basingstoke

Basingstoke’s residents may have close proximity to the M3 motorway plus the M4 via the A33, but that does not mean that its road network all it should be. All too often, drivers on Churchill Way, Worthing Road and Pack Lane find that they hit snarled up traffic. Slow-moving cars often suffer from more wear and tear because of the amount of braking and accelerating that is needed. This doesn’t just impact on your gearbox and brake pads, but your tyres, too. In addition, Basingstoke has plenty of potholes you need to steer around. If you hit any, then your tyres can suffer even more. Helpfully, you can check car tyres in the Basingstoke area and buy online from Point S. What are the problems to look out for?

Low Tyre Pressure 

When you run over speed bumps and go up and down kerbs – as you often need to in towns like Basingstoke – the air pressure in your tyres will lessen. If so, then your ability to grip the road will drop, especially in wet road conditions. Check your tyres to ensure they are pumped up properly.

Tread Depth

You must make sure that normal wear and tear on tyre tread does not lead to balding patches. A tyre tread depth gauge is a simple device that anyone can use. Insert it into the tread to make sure your tyres remain legal to drive on. You must do this all the way around a tyre and not just in one location.

Bulging Tyres 

When tyres age, the rubber compound they are made from can begin to stratify. In such circumstances, you may notice gouge-like marks on the sidewall of your tyres. If not, then it will probably be that you detect bulging sections of rubber. Exchange those which are bulging because they can be very dangerous to continue driving on.

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