Home upgrade ideas in spring

Spring is for new beginnings, and that includes refreshing your home and getting it ready for all the summer garden parties to come in a few weeks time. I’ve put together a few refresher ideas for your home this spring to help you prepare for the warmer months.

Get ready for dining outside

Nothing beats having your tea in the setting summer sun, enjoying the slight breeze and scent of the blooming flowers in the air. It’s really lovely to have the luxury to dine outside. If you’ve considered creating a deck dining area in the garden of your home, consider using composite decking over hardwood. It’s a lot easier to take care of as it requires far less upkeep and it comes in a variety of styles so you’re bound to find one that will compliment your home the best.

Spruce up your garden

Get planting now; it’s the perfect time of the year to plant containerised stock and bare rooted evergreens. If the weather gets dryer (which it usually does) carry on planting lily, gladioli and fritillaria bulbs.

With proper care and green thumbs, your garden should look fabulous by summer time. Perfect for completing the fantasy we created about dinning outside.

If gardening isn’t your forte, you can always make sure your lawn is in a tip-top shape – weather you choose to have an artificial grass lawn or real grass lawn – either way it’ll need a bit of love after the colder winter months.

Bring natural light inside

The days are getting longer, and there is more natural light. Therefore, it’s a great time to install a perspex rooflights to allow that natural light to filter through your home. Another great benefit of rooflights are those provide ventilation and air circulation in your home, when opened and are energy efficient as you can make use of the natural light longer. There’s nothing nicer than having lots of natural light in your home especially during the warmer months. Bonus perk, if you live in a more rural area, you can use your skylight to stargaze! Even better, build a little fort on the ground with your little ones, bundle up in blankets and enjoy the starry night at the comfort of your own home.

Shed it

If you’ve got a shed in your garden, a spring clean is a must in the shed as well. Better yet use it as an opportunity to turn your mucky shed into a she-shed: your own personal paradise. The beauty of a she-shed is that it can be whatever you see it fit being. Are you a yoga lover? Well, why not turn your garden shed into your personal yoga studio? Or maybe you’re an artist? Now you could have your own art studio. Or perhaps you need a quiet corner to relax? Bring in a couple of books and few bits and pieces for comfortable lounging, and you’ve got yourself a quiet corner. Make it a rule in your home: when mummy’s in the shed we are to let her be. This way you and your partner can escape foe few minutes during the day and take a moment to yourself.

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