My Favourite Tours Across the World

Going on a tour when you visit a new country is a great way to make friends and see all that you want to see, stress free! Travelling gives you the chance to go back in time in historic places, experience rich cultures, try delicious dishes and meet new and interesting people! Here are some of my favourite tours across the world that you can try:

Tour up the Australian East coast

The East coast of Australia is famous for its astonishing backpacking trails. You may choose to travel either via a bus or a campervan. Whilst travelling, you must consider surfing at the ever-famous Byron Bay. From Byron Bay, you may enjoy a drink on the Gold Coast or travel straight to Brisbane and ride a cruise along its river. Also, make sure to stop at Lone Pine Koala Sanctuary to cuddle a koala. But, before leaving the Australian East Coast, do not forget to visit, take a picture, and experience live performances at the famous Sydney Opera House.

Go on a tour of the Vatican

The Vatican is one of Europe’s most famous attractions. As the Vatican is always so busy, it is a good idea to book onto a tour beforehand so you don’t have to queue as long. A visit to the Vatican means going to the St. Peter’s Basilica, the Sistine Chapel, and several Vatican museums and churches. Additionally, you may also take a quick peek at Michelangelo’s Pieta, the Vatican Gardens, and the Scavi or St. Peter’s tomb.  Also, make sure to dress appropriately during your visit to the Vatican as guards might be strict about proper dress code. Wearing short and revealing clothes might hinder you from entering most places.

Sand dune and camel riding in Dubai

Dubai has made itself into one of the most favourite places to visit over the years. Upon arrival, you may stop at the Dubai Mall and take a picture of the towering Burj Khalifa, one of the tallest buildings in the world. A dinner at the underwater restaurant in one of the world’s most luxurious hotels, the Burj Al-Arab, is also one of the must do’s in Dubai. If you want to relax for a while, take a dip at the Jumeirah Beach while enjoying the view of Dubai’s skyscrapers.

Trans-Siberian Tour in Russia

The Trans-Siberian tour is one of the best tours the world can offer. Not only because you will be traveling along the longest railway across countries, but you will also get to cross 3 countries in one tour, Russia, Mongolia and Russia. A Trans-Siberia tour has 3 routes:

  1. Moscow to Vladivostok
  2. Moscow to Beijing, direct travel
  3. Moscow to Beijing, via Ulan Bator

You can choose from 3 classes:

  1. Third class: Open cabins
  2. Second class: Closed cabins and can accommodate up to 4 people
  3. First class: Closed cabin, can accommodate up to 2 people and has additional amenities such an armchair and shower access.

Experience Thailand

Thailand offers a mixture of adventure, history, and nature. If you are interested to experience the past, visit Chiang Mai, one of Thailand’s oldest cities. Chiang Mai is full of old temples and local markets. There is also an elephant sanctuary near Chiang Mai, where you can get to shower and play with the elephants. If you want to relax with nature, you may take a hike in Khao Yai National Park or swim at Ko Lanta’s virgin beaches.


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