Tips for family friendly travel

So often, when it comes to travelling with your little ones, the focus tends to on locations that are especially friendly to travelling families. Rightfully so, of course. This time, however, I want to bring you a little different travel post, I want to highlight the best tips for travelling with a family.

Travelling with your family shouldn’t be a daunting experience, and you shouldn’t have to put stuff of “until the kids get older”. Yes, it takes more planning, but with the right attitude and a few handy tips, anyone can enjoy travelling with little ones!

Rent whenever and whatever you can

Luckily some popular family travel destinations offer rental services fur necessities such as strollers, car seats, highchairs, playpens, bikes and many more. This makes packing a lot easier (and lighter!), and more importantly, you’ll feel less stressed when you’re half-way to the airport and realise you’ve forgotten something at home. Availability, of course, will depend on the location – always check and if possible pre-book in advance.

Travel insurance

Get it. As simple as that. It feels like an unnecessary expense and a rather morbid outlook to have for your trip – no one wants to have something happen on their holiday. Precisely why you should get insurance especially when travelling with children. Maybe your little one has food allergies, or perhaps they’re prone to accidents? Being prepared is essential for situations as such especially when you travel somewhere abroad where there is no NHS, and all medical expenses need to be covered privately. Yikes, now that could get expensive.

Do it in your own leisure

Travelling with little ones is challenging, and it becomes even more challenging when you’ve got a strict schedule or specific times you’ve got to be somewhere. Catching a plane on time can be a stressful ordeal especially with a cranky or tired toddler having plans of their own. One way to create an environment that allows you to explore at your own pace and own comfort is by exploring the options of campervan hire. Travelling in your motorhome makes packing less stressful (there is no weight or size limit then) and it means you get to be in charge of your schedule. Emergency naps for toddlers are a lot easier to be arranged as well.

Plan your time wisely

The most challenging part of travelling with kids is about 4PM when your toddler is cranky because they’re tired and long due for a nap. Travelling pre-children and travelling with children is different – squeezing too many things in one day is not a good idea. Break the day up to give little one’s time to recharge. Schedule the bigger, more exciting adventures first thing in the morning while everyone’s in high spirits and full of energy, leave the more mellow activities for evenings and late afternoons.

I hope you find these tips useful and let me know below, what are some of your top tips for travelling with kids and we can make this into an educational resource for parents!

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