Transforming your living room: new sofa

It’s safe to assume that when most people think of Chesterfield sofas, they think of warm brown leather, well worn, quintessentially British centrepieces in a well-lived in living room somewhere in a rural yet posh area of the UK. It’s true that while that’s the stereotypical association are the absolute classic, however, can be versatile and will fit in any style from traditional to modern contemporary interior designs.

Don’t be afraid of colour

A brightly coloured, custom made leather Chesterfield can be a focal point of your home. A bright Chesterfield adds a twist to a piece usually associated with traditional Victorian homes – it mixes familiar with boldness. In a modern home, the bright colour keeps the contemporary flavour while the classic sofa style creates variety and one of a kind nod to the past. Likewise, in a more traditional setting, a brightly coloured Chesterfield adds a bit of spice and personality without looking too out of place as a sleek, modern sofa would.

Grey is the new grey

If you prefer more neutral colours, grey is a beautiful colour choice aside from a traditional brown or tan. Grey is particularly popular as it fits into scandi inspired clean, minimalistic interiors or traditionally homely rooms. If you find that the grey is not exciting enough in your space, you can always freshen it up with brightly coloured throw pillows, cushions, blankets etc.

Opting for grey is particularly advised for someone who likes to jump on the latest interior trends often as it will work as a neutral in any style and colour scheme. Perhaps you’re a fan of the Pantone colour of the year, which is living coral for 2019? Adding coral accessorise throughout your living room will be no problem whatsoever with a grey Chesterfield sofa.

Feel it up

Don’t feel restricted to colour only; texture can play a big part in the overall look of your interior. Crushed velvet in any shade will give the room a sense of luxury, richness and evoke the pioneering designs of Chesterfields from the 18th century. Meanwhile, other textures such as wool allow the creation of patterns such as tartan, which will work well in muted and traditionally furnished rooms.

Purchasing a new sofa can transform the room instantly. Therefore, it’s a decision that shouldn’t be taken lightly. If you’re not sure about a particular colour, discuss it with an interior designer. Sometimes it is easier to visualise a decision before committing, so purchase a sample fabric in the colour you’re considering, bring it into the space your looking to transform to get an idea how a sofa that colour/texture would feel in the particular area.

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