Venice – 5 places to see off the beaten track

Tourists and travellers just never get tired of Venice. It is not just about the regular attractions and popular sites, the city has a lot more to offer beyond those Gondolas rides on the calm waters. Venice is much different in reality, and one can find the real city hidden in those narrow alleys and the spectacular squares away from the tourist crowds.

Guided Venice tours are getting immensely popular among the tourists who come here looking for an offbeat experience. Every time they visit the city they are in for an unusual and unique experience. It is a good idea to explore the city under the guidance of a local expert who can show you the real side of the city and take you off the beaten track.

Here is how you can enjoy that special and unique experience when holidaying in Venice.

  1. Castello– Castello is one of the six districts of Venice and is made of little alleys and piazza. The gorgeous canals and friendly shop owners steal the show. This is where you can feel the heart and soul of Venice and can spend a leisurely afternoon exploring the district. Try the local delicacies at the supermarket and picnic by the canal under one of the bridges.  Majority of the tourists skirt through the San Marco along the Riva dei Sette Martiri. However, the Castello district is much larger and holds many hidden treasures that are indeed worth visiting.

  2. Libreria Acqua Alta– The particular Venetian store is a big hit among the book lovers because of the eccentric solution to flooding. Everything here is stored in waterproof bins, books, maps, and magazines. There is even a gondola as a temporary shelf in one of the rooms of Libreria Acqua Alta! Although there is a cramped atmosphere within the store, it is must to visit this unusual library that carries a unique character about it. Here you will find books on every possible subject like art, music, cinema, food, sports and more.

  3. The Jewish Ghetto – Get drawn in by the magical atmosphere of the Jewish Ghetto., It is hard to resist the quirky charm of the spot that is a testament to the separation from the primitive heart of the city. The Jewish Ghetto comprises of The Ghetto Vecchio and Ghetto Nuovo campos. The buildings hold remarkable secrets, and many of them boast of beautiful synagogues. Take a tour of the Jewish Ghetto which like a vast open-air museum. There are shops, museums, water wells and much more here.

  4. Gothic or Renaissance architecture– The mixed architecture styles of Gothic or Renaissance have led to some strange kind of architecture within the city. Many of the bridges of Venice are privately owned, and some of them don’t have the guardrail. It is indeed tough to cross the Devil’s Bridge s there is a high risk of falling in the canal. Bovolo Staircase is another example of strange architecture in Venice. The extra staircase is simply added to the outside of the building, and today it is a great spot for those looking for Instagram worthy pics.

  5. San Servolo Insane Asylum Museum –  The Insane Asylum Museum reminds one of the darker past. Based on a collection of islands, tourists get attracted because of the art of glass or lace making. San Servo is also famous as the “Island of the Mad” because of the city’s official mental asylum based here. The asylum ran for over 250 years and housed more than200,000 patients. The Venetian government decided to close it in 1978 with an intention of preserving the history of the asylum and turned it into a museum.


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