Review: Bioderma ABC Derm Range

Post contains PR samples

It’s been a while since I did any kind of review of skincare/bathtime products, I’ve just not really found any products recently that I feel would suit an entire review post, but recently I discovered Bioderma ABC Derm range and I just had to tell you all about it!

I was especially excited about this range as I’m a huge fan of Bioderma skincare myself. I’ve used their Micellar water for years now – back from when it wasn’t so popular in the UK, I remember scouring a French Pharmacie and finding a bottle. Every time I went on holiday to France I’d get my new bottle and be so excited – but luckily it’s just as easy to get in the UK now, so I never run out! So I was intrigued to see how the children’s range ABC Derm fares in comparison and how it would work for Violet and Pearl.

We were a few items from the range to try and we’ve been using them daily for good month at least now to give them a fair trial. I have to say the product I was most excited about try was the Bioderma H20 cleansing water as it’s the baby version of my favourite product! I did wonder why I’d need cleansing water for a baby, but I’ve realised it’s actually a really handy product to have about for cleaning little dirty faces and hands – you can even clean their bottoms with it each change too. It’s more gentle than wiping their delicate skin with babywipes and takes off all the dirt in one sweep. Perfect for a weaning baby who loves to COVER her face in food every meal.

Other products in the range were mainly for bathtime – we tried the ABC Derm Moussant which is a foamy cleanser, ideal for hair, body and face for a top to toe wash. We liked it as it’s gentle in fragrance, plus it really foams up which has been great for Violet as she’s learnt to wash herself, so she enjoys seeing the bubbles and cleaning them away. I’ve found a lot of other baby products don’t lather well! I also love the Relaxing Massage or Bath Oil, a versatile product which we’ve mainly used in the bath for a soothing and calming them before bedtime.

Pearl has really dry skin on her face and also suffers with Cradle Cap which luckily you can’t really see how she’s got hair, but I still treat it as it must be so itchy for her. The Cradle Cap formula has worked well – you apply 30 mins before a bath, then rinse off and gently brush the cradle crap away. Plus we moisturise both their faces with the ABC Derm Cold Cream every day too – I was pleased to find this one as I’ve struggled to find a baby moisturiser specifically for the face, other body lotions weren’t really cutting it with Pearl’s dry cheeks, but this works perfectly!

So, it’s fair to say we are big fans of the range – for adults and babies now! They aren’t the cheapest products out there but I’ve found a little bit goes a long way, so I think they’ll last just as long as some of the cheaper options I’ve bought previously anyway, plus it’s a quality product I know is safe and delicate on my babies skin, which is the most important factor.

You can shop the Bioderma ABC Derm here

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