Sneak peek at the new Rainforest Carousel at Drusillas Park

Ever since Violet was little we have been regular visitors to Drusillas Park. It’s not too far from us, it’s aroun 30 minutes away in the car and it’s the perfect day out for little ones of all ages as there is so much to see and do. We were super excited to be invited to the press event to launch see the brand new Rainforest Carousel ride, which opened this weekend and to have sneak peek and a go on the ride before it opens to the pubic too!

The Rainforest Carousel ride is the perfect addition to Drusillas Park – its a bright, fun and colourful, with over 30 animals to hop on and ride! Violet loved looking at all the animals and deciding which one to take a ride on – there were so many! I really liked how there was a variation of seats too, some had one seat, some two and there is a spinning snake basket too – which is a seated option for those who can’t or don’t wish to hop up onto an animal for a ride.

The ride is fab as it’s suitable for all ages, adults can stand with little ones or ride with them, so you know your little one is totally safe. Plus, there were safety straps which was great for toddlers, Violet was a bit wobbly to start with so I felt so much safer knowing she was strapped in too. The ride doesn’t go too fast but the animals to go up quite high!

At the press event we were able to have a look at the ride on the day of the grand opening over some breakfast pastries and a coffee, which was lovely! Plus, I met a couple of bloggers I’ve followed for YEARS – Kate from LesbeMums and Emily from Emily and Indiana. It was fab to be able to go on the ride so many times without having to queue as Violet wanted to go back on  as soon as it finished every time. Once the ride was in motion, Violet was saying “Weeeeeeeeeee!!”, waving and shouting “Hiiiiiii Mummy! Hiiiiiiii Baby!” which was mega cute too.

After the event and before we went totally dizzy from going round and round on the carousel, we headed into the park for the rest of our day out. We went to our usual haunts – We absolutely love Hello Kitty’s Secret Garden and the Go Safari rides. We had a quick look round the animals too, mainly stopping to look at the monkeys which are Violet’s favourite but everyone was getting a bit tired. Pearl woke up to get a good look at the penguins and flamingos (her favourites so far) she missed the excitement of the rides  but was the only one of us to get a good sleep! It’s safe to say the eight month sleep regression is in full swing as we were all feeling a little jaded.

It must have been an exciting morning as by lunch time Violet was exhausted and ready for a snooze, so we headed home only for Violet to crash out the second she hit the car seat! That’s a sign of a brilliant day out for sure.

Thanks so much to Drusillas Park for inviting us to see the ride! If you fancy a spin on the Rainforest Carousel, it is now open. For more info on Drusillas Park, see their website here.


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  • We love Drusillas, my parents live in Brighton and we’ve been a few times when visiting now and my eldest loves it there! So much to do and the facilities are really well maintained. Must book another trip! X

  • It was so lovely to finally meet you guys – it’s only been 3+ years! Hahaha! I’m glad you guys had a nice day – we had a blast! I couldn’t agree more with the Rainforest Carousel – it’s a lovely addition to the fabulous rides already there.