Violet & Pearl – Siblings March 2019


Oops, I’m late AGAIN with last months Siblings post – it’s April, but better late than never – right? This month marks the first month officially OUT of the #TwoUnderTwo club. Let me tell you, thats a membership I will not be renewing, but we made it! I think as time goes by things are getting easier – or maybe I’m just more used to having two. Either way, with each day we are coping and getting stronger in every way.

The girls have really started to bond this month. I think this goes hand in hand with Violet starting to speak a lot more – she is able to tell us she wants to see ‘Baby’ (yes, she still calls Pearl baby) and talks about her a lot. The nursery have even said that ‘Baby at home’ is all she talks about – which is super sweet that she’s thinking about her, even though they are apart. She often wants to include Pearl in her play, she points to the seat next to her and says ‘BABY!’ saying she wants to sit together. She won’t leave the house without knowing Pearl is going in her car seat too.

They are so opposite in personality, with their eating habits being opposite ends of the spectrum! This photo sums it up perfectly, with Pearl hugely into her food and Violet not interested in the slightest. I’m hoping that Violet is encouraged to eat more as she sees Pearl enjoying her food, but that hasn’t happened yet – here is hoping!

Pearl is so calm in comparison to Violet. Pearl just takes everything in her stride and goes along with our day without a peep. Violet on the other hand can often make quite a scene! Pearl has started to think it’s funny when Violet has a tantrum and will often smile, which tends to just make the situation worse as it winds Violet up!

Pearl is now sitting up and crawling – she’s on the move! This means there have been more squabbles over toys, with Violet now collecting up and moving all her toys out of Pearl’s path and shouting ‘NO BABY!’ if Pearl touches anything of hers. We have been working on sharing, but it doesn’t always work out. There have been sweet moments where they will play with a toy together, but I think it’ll take a while to learn to share and their sisterly squabbles will be the first of many!

Violet has started to show care and affection for Pearl, acknowledging when she’s crying by stroking her on the head, passing a blanket or bottle of milk. If she hears Pearl waking up from a nap, she will excitedly shout ‘BABY!’, drop what she is doing and run into her room, climbing the bars of the cot to see her. She might act like she doesn’t like playing with Pearl but honestly I feel like Violet doesn’t remember life without her and wouldn’t have it any other way.

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