Giving our Bedroom a brand new look


Out of all of the house, our bedroom is the room that has just been ignored. It’s the room we are exhausted in, it’s the room we crash out in, where we dump our clothes (in huge piles that I keep meaning to put away) and where our bed is usually taken over by bouncing toddlers and sleeping babies. There is little room for anything else and certainly no time to decorate.

Before children, my bedroom has always been my sanctuary, so this is certainly a different lifestyle to how it’s always been. As part of my journey to becoming ‘me’ again after having the children, I decided last weekend to give our bedroom a brand new look and add a touch of luxury to bring back that zen, calm feel and hopefully reclaim our space for just us too!

As I don’t have the budget or the time to fully decorate, I realised just small changes can make such a big difference to the room! So, as the bed is the central focus of the room and where we spend the most time, I decided to overhaul our bed – adding some fresh bed linen and a bedspread and it made all the difference!

Firstly, I chose a crisp white linen, with matching fitted sheet, duvet cover and pillow cases. I always feel like this gives the bed a elegant feel and reminds me of staying in a hotel room. The set I’ve chosen is the Appletree Tasha White Duvet Set. This brightened the room too, giving it a light and airy feel.

Next up, I added a bedspread to complete the look. Having a white base is perfect as it’s so versatile, meaning many different bedspreads or throws will go well! I decided to add a touch of luxury by adding a silver bedspread, choosing the Laurent Jacquard in Silver, which is so gorgeous and really finishes the look.

Next up, I gave the room a full tidy, putting away that dreaded pile of clothes that seems to mount up within seconds. I added a scented candle and some low lighting. Perfect – my calm, zen sanctuary has returned!

I’m really pleased with the finished look – if you are looking to give your bedroom a brand new style, have a look through Yorkshire Linen’s huge variety of quilted bedspreads and choose the one that fits your taste. You won’t believe the difference a new set of bedding can make!

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