Keeping Your House Clean When You Have Pets

Having pets in the house is a lovely thing to be able to do, but it does come with a number of important things to keep in mind. There’s nothing better than having the company of our four-legged friends in the house, but you may notice that homes with pets can often become smelly, covered in hair and sometimes even infested with parasites. Whilst that may only apply to extreme situations, it’s still important to be cautious and aware of the cleaning that needs to be done in order to keep your house in good condition for you and your pets to enjoy.

Tackling Pet Hair

Just like dust, pet hair gathers in the most unwanted areas of the home. Depending on the type of pet you have, the hair levels will vary quite a lot, but it’s still important to keep on top of cleaning it and preventing any build up. Firstly, investing in a good quality hoover will help you to keep on top of the pet hair that’s shedding all over the house. Dyson created a vacuum specifically designed to deep clean homes with pets, which is perfect for both carpets and hard floors! Another way to keep on top of the shedding is to take the season into consideration. For those with dogs that have long coats, you’ll find that they shed quite a lot through the warmer months, so it may be worth doubling up your cleaning routine across that time period.

Get Grooming

Whilst grooming your pet isn’t going to stop their hair from falling out all over the house, it’s still really beneficial to do it regularly. Not only will grooming your pet keep them looking fabulous, but it will help to prevent how much they shed, which in turn will help keep your home a little cleaner. Online retailers such as Petwell stock a wide selection of pet grooming products, so you can find the right product to suit your pet. Whether you’re looking for brushes, combs, shampoo or conditioner, there’s plenty of pet grooming products that are designed to keep your pet looking, smelling and feeling fresh.

Keep Things Fresh

When you have pets in your home, you’ll notice that certain areas become dirtier much quicker. From the carpet to sofas and bedding, if your pet is allowed to sit on the furniture then you can guarantee it’s going to become slightly smelly over time. Make sure that you’re keeping your home fresh by frequently washing bedding, cleaning down furniture and giving your carpets and hard flooring a thorough clean at least once every few weeks to ensure everything is fresh and smelling good. This will ensure that your home doesn’t start to smell musty or unpleasant.

One of the best ways to keep on top of pet smells is to introduce some additional scents to the room, such as candles, oil diffusers and even room sprays to keep the area smelling fresh.

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