On Becoming a Full time Blogger

I write this post with much excitement and with a little apprehension too. This week I a huge but daunting decision not to return to work when my maternity leave runs out in July but to take a ‘career break’ for the following year to continue being at home with the girls and pursuing my blog and social media as I have done for the last 7 years now.

The difference being that this time the pressure really is on as for the first time I don’t have a salary or maternity pay to fall back on, I am out on my own carving out a way to support the family through my writing, photography on this little blog so I can be at home and with the girls and raise them full time too.

It’s a daunting prospect, but a decision made after hours, weeks or maybe months of thought and I just know I can make it work for us. With nursery costs outweighing that of my salary it seemed this was the best option for us and the push I needed to become the freelance working Mum I’ve always dreamed I’d be.

My ties are not cut with my previous employer, but that isn’t something I need to think or worry about until August 2020, and who knows what life will hold for us then. Until then, I’m going to put my heart and soul into being present with the girls, raising them in the day and working on my blog in nap times, evenings, snatching the odd moment in the car to jot down ideas on my phone. It’s a juggle but I just know I can make it work!

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