Violet & Pearl – Siblings April & May 2019

Finally I’m getting round to writing a Siblings update and this post is a bumper two months for Violet and Pearl! I always hope that I’ll keep up with monthly posts in a series, but in reality time moves too quickly and things get in the way. It always happens – but never mind! It’s been quite an exciting time as I feel like this month I’ve really started to see a lot more interaction between them both and they’ve changed so much, even just in two months!

As every month goes by, having two very small children is getting easier and easier. It’s more chaotic as Pearl is fully on the move now, so after a day of them both being at home it looks like our house has been ripped apart by a small tornado, but the older Pearl gets the more manageable they are together and the more we can do. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still exhausted and run off my feet and possibly I’m just getting used to having two, but I feel like we are more in our stride than ever before.

In the last couple of weeks, I noticed Violet and Pearl playing together properly for one of the very first times – Violet was running away and Pearl was chasing her by crawling along the floor. Violet ran out into the hallway and when Pearl made it to the door and popped her head out they giggled at each other and shrieked ear piercing shrieks of joy. Violet then ran to another room, only to be followed by Pearl and more shrieks and giggles. It was so cute to watch, even if my ear drums took a beating in the process! It is lovely seeing them making up games, making each other laugh and understanding each other for one of the first times.

Violet has started to talk a lot more to Pearl. She still calls her ‘Baby’ but will ask if she’s okay if she’s crying or say ‘ssshhhh, your alright’ if she’s crying. She loves brushing her hair, putting on her shoes and choosing Pearl’s clothes. If I make Violet something to eat, she’ll check that ‘Baby’ is eating too and often wants to share what she has. Violet can now feed Pearl milk from a bottle without any help and as Pearl takes her milk, often they’ll just stare at each other, holding hands, or Violet will pretend to tickle Pearl’s feet or tummy, which is just so adorable.

It’s not always cuteness though! With Pearl moving about and grabbing anything in reach, the squabbles have started. They quite often want the same toy and bicker and fight. Pearl refuses to let go and it becomes a tug of war which ultimately Violet will win and Pearl will be left crying. We have had a few pushing incidents, but Violet is at an age where it’s normal to test boundaries and seems to respond well to being told that isn’t okay to do. I’m pretty sure it won’t be long until Pearl is able to stand her ground too!

This month we started a baby group together, which I think has been really lovely for them as they are able to go and do all the activities together. Violet has stepped up to big sister duties of passing Pearl toys and instruments and helping her tidy up afterwards. It’s at a soft play and I can see Pearl is just dying to join Violet on the slide afterwards. She is not as cautious about standing and walking as Violet was, I reckon any time soon she’ll just make a dash for it and push herself to walk purely to catch up with Violet and join in the fun.

It’s so lovely to see them take a step closer with their bonding this month, I can’t wait to see what the next few months have in store when Pearl starts walking and then the fun can really begin!

I’ll leave you with this video I took of Violet and Pearl dancing to ‘Sleeping Bunnies’ together….. (excuse the quality, I just snapped it on my phone as I saw them dancing together!)

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