Genuinely good gifts to get your dad this Father’s Day

Dads are notoriously difficult to buy for. Most of them are rather stubborn and apathetic about most things, especially in Britain! While they’d all appreciate a quirky card from Card Factory, sometimes it’s nice to also get creative where the presents and gifts are concerned too. This at least shows you’ve given their likes some detailed thought and put a lot of effort in!

Consequently, here’re some genuinely good gifts to get your dad this Father’s Day!

Hobby stuff

First port of call when you feel cornered in the gift-getting arena is asking yourself; what are their hobbies? Does your dad play sports? Perhaps he likes fishing or arts and crafts? If you have an answer here, a whole plethora of options start opening up in terms of equipment that you could buy him! Remember, Father’s Day may have a long and winding history, but your job is to think about the present moment here!

Even if he doesn’t have a hobby per say, perhaps he does a lot of DIY stuff around the house instead? In that case, you could pick him up some tools and power tools and wrap them up for a present. If he enjoys DIY, he’ll be thrilled, and if it’s a chore he’ll at least be able to get through it quicker with better tools. It’s a win-win situation of sorts, so perhaps give this some thought!  

Photo album

Few dads would admit being the sentimental type, but in all honesty, nearly everyone is. All it takes to hit those perfect nostalgic notes is a series of photos, because any one of them will help them recall dozens of memories at a time. Build a portfolio of pictures and start compiling; from photos of your childhood, family holidays, and even more recent additions!

This can be a team effort too, so get your mum or siblings together too. If you’re pulling photos from all your various phones and cameras, eventually you’ll be able to put something together that’s truly special and unique. After all, no one else will have the same portfolio in the end!

A joke book

We’ve all been subject to a cringeworthy dad joke or two. As kids and teenagers, it’s incredibly embarrassing to witness these recurring atrocities. That said, when you’re an adult and your dad is still firmly stuck in his ways of eyerolling quips, it can start to be rather tragic. Think of fixing things here as a service to all, and not only to yourself.

Buy them a joke book, and one that’s filled with good jokes too. Make sure you skim read it before you make the purchase just to check it’s full of funny gags. Eventually, he’ll be satisfied with his witticisms, and you don’t have to cringe out of your skin anymore. Who knows, maybe when he starts telling jokes you might actually laugh too? Just make sure you give the gift in a bantering way, and not as a mean-spirited barb, and it’ll be fine!


Most fathers perhaps act like they’re not too fussy about Father’s Day, but it’s likely they’re just putting on a front. Show them that you care and really be thoughtful with your gifts, whether you’re celebrating the past or subtly commentating on their sense of humour. It’s a day of celebration, so make sure that comes across in whatever you buy!


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