Living Room Design Ideas for Your New Home

As you know, I’ve just moved home and one of the most exciting parts of this big move for me is adding our own personal touches to this new property.

I absolutely love researching design ideas (and trawling through Pinterest for style inspiration), so I thought I’d share some of the top tips I found for redesigning a living room with you.

After all, our living rooms are the hub of our homes – the place where we relax, entertain and enjoy family life together.

Introduce a Neutral Palette

If you love following trends and like to change up the look and feel of your living room quite frequently, it is a good idea to have a neutral palette.

While this may sound uninspiring, it’s how you add to this neutral palette that’s key. From feature wallpaper to bright pops of colour in your cushions and throws, a neutral palette allows you to get creative with your accessories without having to completely redecorate the entire room.

Think cream walls, light-coloured sofas and neutral carpets, or why not check out the Engineered Wood Flooring Sale too?. Then, build up your design scheme by adding brighter curtains, rugs and other upholstery.

Consider Those Practical Additions

As well as those gorgeous design touches you’ll want to add, it is a good idea to consider what practical features may enhance the space. This includes handy storage that’ll help conceal any clutter, e.g. large amounts of kids’ toys, and sofa beds that create extra sleeping space for guests.

So, before you start getting carried away with your décor and show-stopping features, consider the practical items first. That way, you can ensure all those other gorgeous features will work well with those larger pieces of furniture.

Add Plenty of Light

Lighting can make or break the style of a living room, which is why it’s important to consider the lighting throughout.

If you’ve got loads of natural light flooding into the room – great, but if not, you may want to look at how you can brighten up the room with overhead lighting. Plus, don’t forget table lamps that you can switch on at night to create a cosy ambience while also introducing a handy reading light for those who want it.

Bring in Personal Touches

Once you’ve got the base for your new design scheme and you’ve added those practical and colourful features, it’s time to make this space your own.

This means adding photos of the family, ornaments you’ve collected over the years and other quirky must-haves that make the space feel like home. You might even want to mix the old with the new to create layers of style in the room.

Ultimately, designing a living room should be all about unleashing your own personality and making the space your own. Whether that’s sleek and minimalistic or rustic and cosy, use the features and designs that will make your house a home.


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