Our beautiful family – A Nixplay Seed Review

There is nothing I love more than scrolling back through all my photos. It’s fair to say I take a LOT (we are talking thousands) so sometimes I really can get lost down the rabbit hole of looking back through photos on my phone once the babies have gone to bed – yes, I am THAT Mum. So today’s post is a review of a very nifty new item we’ve been loving, which is just perfect for the photography addict like me – The Nixplay Seed WiFi Cloud Frame.

We have the Nixplay Seed 10 Inch in black. We have just decorated our living room and have opted for quite neutral colours with bright white shelves, so although colourful frames looked fab we preferred to go with black. Our Nixplay frame arrived so quickly with all the bits we’d need to get it up and running, like the cute little remote, power cable, plug and instructions.

Getting our frame set up was super easy, I downloaded the app on my phone (which is available for both iPhone and Android) and followed the step-by-step instructions.

Adding photos to our frame couldn’t be easier – you can simply add photos from your phone via the app at the touch of a button. Within seconds, my first ‘playlist’ was scrolling round on the frame and looked fantastic.

Other ways to add photos to the frame is to connect to Facebook, Instagram, Google Photos or Dropbox, so it really is easy. You can create certain playlists too, so you don’t have to watch the same photos scroll by all the time – I’ve made a few although they are nearly all photos of the children!

The picture quality is excellent, in fact is has a Ultra high resolution 2k frame which really makes the images pop. All settings like brightness, timings and other details can be controlled from the frame too, using the handy little remote that comes with the frame, plus you can control it via voice through Alexa too!

I think one very small detail I’d change is that is has quite a thick black power cord, which is also the stand to hold the frame up. This can take a bit of balancing on our shelves as they are gloss it can quite often slip down. A minor detail but I think a separate stand would have been better! I’m also going to find a white cable cover from Amazon too, so it’s not a big deal.

Not only can you share pictures on your own device, but you can share photos with friends and family too! You can instantly send photos and videos to be displayed instantly on loved ones screens, wherever they are in the world! That is pretty awesome and a really lovely touch.

My next mission is to create a few more playlists for our Nixplay. We’ve got the two family photoshoots we had done – one when Violet was born and one when Pearl was born and I love reliving those memories. I also want to make a playlist for our IVF journey and scan pictures too – my scans have started to fade in the sun, so this would be the perfect way to capture them forever. As a two-mum family, I feel so blessed to have been able to create our gorgeous family so looking back over those memories is so important for us.

But, something I want to do is create playlists for all our travels before children – when V and I first got together we loved travelling, we did the Inca Trail in Peru, we explored Israel and Jordan, we relaxed in Turkey and ate all the food in Paris. We obviously love our family life now but our travels feel like such a distant memory now! I want to relive those memories of us before children too – it’s all about the memories and the journey we’ve been on together that makes us who we are.

Overall, we are really enjoying using our Nixplay and there is still so much we can add to it – I could sit for hours just watching photos scroll by and sometimes it’ll just unexpectedly catch my eye with the sweetest memory.

We have the Nixplay Seed Widescreen 10.1 inch in black, with retails at £139 – you can order the same one here or to find out more about Nixplay, their website is here.

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