Review: Joie Mytrax Flex Signature Pushchair + giveaway!

How smart does Pearl look in her new stroller? She is loving life in there, looking out at the world, super comfy and snug, lucky thing! I’d love to be pushed around in there all day! So, I wanted to tell you all about the new pushchair on the scene and I have a very exciting giveaway for you too! You might know but I’m a member of the Joie VIP Blogger Club, which means I regularly review products from the Joie range. We are big fans of the brand and use their products daily, especially our Joie 360 Spin Car seat which is now Pearls after being passed down by Violet. The latest product to join the fold has been this gorgeous pushchair – it’s the Joie Mytrax Flex Signature. As part of the VIP club, I’m asked to write a review on the proviso that all words and opinions are my own, so I will share my views 100% openly and honestly about all the products within this series.  Now that’s all cleared up – let me tell you about our new pushchair!


The first thing I noticed about the Joie Mytrax is just how sleek and stylish it looks for a stroller. In my opinion, strollers can often look quite flimsy or cheap in comparison to a travel system, however this certainly isn’t either of those things. It’s smart, robust and has lovely extra touches like leatherette handles and a cup holder to add to that luxury feel. The seat looks comfortable with lots of support, padding and most importantly allows you to sit your little right up or lay them completely flat. The shopping basket is spacious with added storage pouch at the bottom so you never forget your essentials.

I would say the Mytrax is on the heavier, bigger side for a stroller. It’s robust feel certainly adds a bit of weight to the frame, but at 11.85kg, it’s not the heaviest and is certainly still very manageable to lift in and out of the car.


We put the Joie Mytrax together quickly and easily and couldn’t wait to take it out for a spin. Putting Pearl into the seat I realised how supportive the seat area is. Our previous buggy just didn’t have this support and I’ve often find her leaning to one side or slipping right down, she loves being sat upright and looking out at the world. The Joie Mytrax can be used from birth to a max weight of 15kgs, so we will get plenty of use out of it yet and Violet would still be within the weight limit too. It can be used with adapters to fit a the Joie car seat or carrycot, but as Pearl is 10 months now we’ve not needed to use this option. The seat fully reclines using the handle at the back (which can be done with one hand) and footrest also has two positions, allowing me to prop Pearl’s feet up for sleepy moments too.

One of the things I really like is that the hood is huge! It’s the best coverage of any buggy we have used in the past, it is just perfect, super shady in bright sunlight and UPF50+ too. It doesn’t stop Pearl from looking about as the side panels are mesh so she can still see out, plus there is a mesh peep hole at the top to check in on her as we are going along.

We go on lots of dog walks across the fields, so having a pushchair that can handle all terrain is really important for us. The Joie Mytax has all-round suspension in all four tyres, foam filled front tyres and rear air tyres and a Flex comfort ride system which Joie says gives a 50% smoother stroll. On the pavement the buggy is certainly a smooth ride, it is easy to push and navigate around corners.  Upon taking the buggy up and onto the fields, I thought it felt quite bumpy (the grass was really long so this was a good test) but I looked and found Pearl fast asleep! She didn’t seem bothered by the bumping, if anything the gentle bumping had rocked her to sleep, so I think that trial shows it’s fine on any terrain. It was still easy to push and handled just as well.

I love that the Joie Mytrax has ‘ShoeSaver brakes’ which are designed so they don’t scuff your shoes – always handy and also easy to use in sandals/flipflops too. I’m pretty average height, but the pushbar can be adjusted for those tall or short.

The Mytrax also comes with a rain cover for rainy days.


The one thing I look at when getting a new pushchair is how easy they are to collapse and to lift into the car. Often I’ve got both girls with me, so putting them both into car seats and then packing the buggy away can be quite a task in itself, so in my book –  the easier the better! You can fold the Joie Mytrax with one hand, there is a quick button and handle to pull and the entire frame folds into two, this secures together leaving a handle for easy lifting too.

When the Mytrax is folded, it’s not the smallest I’ve seen but it fits in our car boot with ease and popping the stroller up is just as easy too!


We have been using our Mytrax daily for around 6 weeks now and have given it a good run for it’s money on days out, shopping trips, dog walks and more. I’ve been thoroughly impressed with it, mainly as Pearl just seems so happy in it compared to our previous buggy! When she’s sitting up she’s more interactive, she’s able to see out well and look at the world and as soon as I recline her to sleep she’ll drift off and has taken long naps in the buggy without stirring at all. I like it so much we are taking it on holiday with us in a week’s time, so it’ll be used a huge amount on our cruise, from long day trips out to long snoozes whilst we eat our dinner (hopefully!)

I would say the only very slight niggle is the weight, it’s not the lightest or smallest, but the other features really do balance that out for me and make it worthwhile – it’s a hit!


So, if you’ve read this far – you are in for a treat. I’ve actually got a Joie Mytrax Pushchair to giveaway to one lucky winner! Head over to my Instagram page for details and to enter!


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Post and giveaway in collaboration with Joie – all words and opinions are my own

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  • This sounds ideal for my Granddaughter, Olivia. I like that it is easy to get in and out of the car and that it’s very sturdy. I actually prefer a heavier pushchair as it gives me more confidence thinking that it is more stable. Such a wonderful giveaway. Entered on Instagram. Many thanks.

  • Hi
    I’ve read both your reviews on the joie mytrax and the joie versatrax, which would you say overall is the best pushchair? I have 2 girls aged 11.5 months and 28 months, we do daily dog walks so the mytrax sounds best with suspension ect but I’m wondering if i will need the parent face feature of the versatrax as my youngest still mostly likes to be able to see me.

    • Hello! I’d probably say the Versatrax as it’s more flexible, you can turn the seat both ways and set it up depending on which child you’d like to use it with and what for. We love our Mytrax and use it daily, but it’s more of a stroller, so more basic.