How to Instantly Boost your Fashion Game without Breaking the Bank

Looking great on a budget doesn’t need to be an impossible task. In fact, it is now easier than ever, and when you know the steps you need to take, you’ll soon find that you can easily transform any drab outfit into something spectacular.

Add a Motorcycle Jacket

A good motorcycle jacket will instantly improve just about any outfit. It doesn’t matter whether you are wearing jeans and a t-shirt or whether you are wearing some gym clothes because it’s a classic choice. If you want to make the most out of your jacket, then why not wear it on your shoulders? Treat it as if it’s a cape with sleeves. This will help you to accessorise better and it will also free up even more options when it comes to jewellery.

Try and Experiment with Layers

The more layers you have, the better. Wear a coat over a jacket, or even wear a mesh shirt over a crop top. It doesn’t matter what you choose, as long as you focus on having plenty of dimensions to your outfit. If you’re not sure if a combination is going to work or not, then have a little fashion show in front of the mirror. You might also want to look online to see if it’s possible for you to get some inspiration.

Try on Different Shoes

High heels aren’t the only fashionable option out there. Trade them for some sneakers or sandals. Sure, this may feel a little wrong to begin with, but when you start going through all of the clothing you have, you’ll soon see that somewhere, you have a winning combination. If you struggle with shoes, try and find a wide fitting woman’s shoe specialist.

Combine Big and Small Clothing

Sometimes an oversized top works well with cut-off shorts. You have to remember that fashion is all about pushing boundaries and it’s also about contrast too. You might also want to experiment by pairing tight clothing with loose clothing, or even heavy garments with lighter ones.

Tuck in your Shirt

If you want to step up your casual look then consider wearing a sweatshirt, but tuck half of it into your jeans. You might also want to tuck your collared silk shirt in too. By doing it halfway, or in a rush, you can get a really good look and you may even find that your outfit goes from being a 4 to a 10.

Consider Wearing a Hat

Fashion really is about making a statement. It’s about creating that well-defined look and sometimes a hat is the best way for you to do this. Hats can feel like costume items, but that’s not the case at all. They’re super versatile and you can pair them with almost any outfit with ease. So the next time you’re going through your wardrobe, accessorise a beanie with that long coat or wear a cap with your patterned shorts. This will help you to really get that fashionable yet casual look.

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