Joie Versatrax 4-in-1 Pushchair review

I am SUPER, super excited to write this post today as I am about to introduce to you a brand new pushchair which is just about to be released for sale in the UK. As part of the Joie VIP blogger panel I’ve selected to be one of the very first people to get my hands on one so I can give it a good test run and tell you ALL about it in preparation for the release this summer. Let me tell you now – it’s a good one! So, without further ado…. Introducing the Joie Versatrax 4-in-1 pushchair. Brand new to the Joie range, this has got to be one of the most versatile pushchairs I’ve ever owned. Here is the full review…….


As this is a brand new buggy to the range, I thought I’d start this review off by discussing the features, what is new and what makes this pushchair stand out from the rest….

  • 4-in-1 pushchair system with parent and world facing settings
  • Suitable from birth – 22kg meaning I can use it with both Pearl and Violet 
  • Stylish, sleek, lightweight
  • Huge amount of different positions, full recline to full upright, foot rest, so many combinations for ultimate comfort for your little one
  • Compatible with lightweight ramble XL carry cot (additional accessory but adapters included)
  • Easy one hand fold mechanism
  • One hand adjustment seat position
  • Extendable UVF50+ sun hood and rain cover
  • Huge accessible shopping basket
  • Foam filled tyres for a smooth ride
  • Comes in four colours – laurel green (the one I have!) grey flannel, pavement and deep sea.


Taking the Joie Versatrax pushchair out of the box, assembly was super easy. With just a few bits to slot into place and the wheels to click in, we were up and ready to hit the road for our first adventure within 5 minutes of opening the box. We have the Joie Versatrax in Laurel Green, which is a gorgeous muted green colour. This is just so on trend at the moment and looks super stylish – the added leatherette trim adds a touch of elegance and style.

I love how the seat can be parent or world facing – as Pearl has only ever had strollers and our double buggy, she has never sat in the parent facing position so this was a novelty for her and lovely for us to see her enjoying the view and having a good look about. Moving the seat about there are so many positions to get your little one super comfy – from a full recline to sitting completely upright, forward or rear facing, plus with or without the leg/foot rest – the combinations are endless!

One of the first thing I noticed about the buggy is how high the seat is positioned. It feels so high up in comparison to other pushchairs, but this is a good thing – it means the babies are in reach and the HUGE shopping basket on the bottom is fully accessible at all times. With our Mytrax if the seat is reclined you can’t get into the shopping basket, so this is a big improvement.


I’ve only had my Joie Versatrax a short time, but I wanted to let you know all about it as soon as possible as I know reviews on it will be pretty limited at this stage with it being so new to the market. To give it a good review, I’ve taken it on a crash course in my local area to try it out on as many different terrains as possible. The weather has been fabulous so Pearl’s loved getting out and exploring with me, trying out her new wheels! 

Firstly, it’s certainly not the lightest buggy I’ve ever tried, but what it lacks in being lightweight it gains by feeling sturdy with a high quality finish. So, we set off for our test run – we decided to go for a walk around our village, taking the buggy on and off road and also on the beach for good measure!

The height of the seat feels strange to what I’m used to, but I like that as I feel more connected with Pearl and she’s easy to reach. I absolutely love the range of seat positions and that the seat can be in the forward facing or rear facing position. The seat also sits bold upright to completely flat, so it’s ideal for snoozing too.

One of the things that makes it ideal for us is that all the settings can be adjusted with just the touch of a button – Violet doesn’t really like going in the buggy at 2.5 but will still get tired on long days out. The Joie Versatrax is so versatile I’m able to swap between Pearl and Violet with ease – popping Pearl in the baby carrier and Violet in the buggy.

The Joie Versatrax has huge, foam bouncy wheels that give it such a smooth ride and never need pumping up either! Taking the buggy off road for a dog walk was a breeze, Pearl didn’t seem bothered by the bumping at all. We also live in a small village with cobbled streets and the beach so this is essential for us.  The buggy is easy to navigate around small shops and winding streets with ease

The full recline came in handy when Pearl wanted to snooze, the sun hood is quite large and offers UVF50+ although I did feel like the sun hood didn’t give as much coverage as the Mytrax and most of Pearl’s lower body and legs were still in the sun. We do use a SnoozeShade for nap time though so this wasn’t too much of an issue. 

One HUGE bonus is the shopping basket. I am the eternal overpacker, so I usually walk around looking like I’m going on holiday for 3 weeks when we are just on a day trip. This is ideal for people like me or for shopping trips and even carrying toddler scooters as you know they’ll only use them for 5 minutes then make you carry it! 


Getting us all in the car is tricky business when I’m on my own, so having a pushchair I can fold down in a flash is essential. I love the one handed flash fold. The Joie Versatrax folds up small enough to pick up and pop in the boot of the car with ease. The compact standing mode is also brilliant for folding the buggy to store in a cafe or public transport. 


All in all, I’ve been impressed with the Joie Versatrax. It’s sleek, stylish and a joy to use.  As someone who has used strollers for the last 18 months, I’ve loved the flexibility and versatility of the Joie Versatrax – it offers so many more seating and comfort options to your little one than your standard stroller, without hitting the price point and weight/extra parts of a travel system.  The huge shopping basket is such a bonus too. 

It’s such a fantastic pushchair as it’s suitable from birth – 22kgs, I’m still able to use it with Violet at 2.5 years so it’s a buggy that will see you all the way through until little ones no longer need a buggy. 

We will continue to use our Versatrax with both Pearl and Violet all our trips out and about to come, so I look forward to more days out and exploring with it! 

The Joie Versatrax is now available for pre-order and retails at £300. 

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Post and giveaway in collaboration with Joie – all words and opinions are my own


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  • Hi, I’m really interested in this buggy. I have a tall 2 year old and would like a new buggy for him. Could you please tell me how tall violet is and how much room she had above her head in the push chair. I’m worried it will rub my sons head.

    Thank you