Review: Rabot 1745 – the beauty range for the ultimate chocoholic (+ giveaway)

I rarely ever get any me-time. Having two children so young means most evenings are spent dashing around cooking dinners, doing bath times and bedtimes and by the time all that is done, I usually just want to crash! Every now and again I make sure I take the time to have a long bath – it’s my ultimate way to relax and unwind when things get tough. I hide from everyone upstairs, lock the door and have the ultimate pamper session which rejuvenates me both mentally and physically. So, today I’m going to introduce you to a gorgeous beauty brand I’ve only just discovered but I’ve fallen in LOVE with and keep reading as I’ve also I’ve included a sneaky discount code and a giveaway for you at the end too!

Usually for my pamper session, I will use the most luxurious, sumptuous products I can find, take a cup of tea, chocolate and a book. As it doesn’t happen often, every bath has to be a good one so there is no holding back! Being the chocolate fiend I am, when I heard about the Rabot 1745 beauty range, I just knew they were perfect for my self-care pamper sessions. Rabot 1745 is the beauty range by Hotel Chocolat, who not only make the most decadent chocolates but their beauty range is an absolute hidden gem, made from the richest sustainable cocoa and inspired by their love for Saint Lucia – each product is packed full of nourishing botanicals and tropical goodness. The passion they have for what they do just shines through in every way and the scent instantly transports me to Saint Lucia.

The stand out product of the range has got to be the body scrubs. They are my absolute favourite and I’ve not seen anything like this before – being totally indecisive, I went for two different scents – the Coffee Scrub and the Sugar and Sour Orange and both smell good enough to eat! A gentle scrub in a circular motion on the skin lifts the dead cells away, leaving the most silky smooth skin – plus the coffee cup is reusable! I’m trying to make changes to be more eco-friendly so this really appealed to me as I’ll use my cups for my coffee when I’m done – plus you can take your cup into any Hotel Chocolat Cafe for 50p off a hot drink, or a completely complimentary hot drink at the Rabot 1745 London Borough Market Cafe. How fantastic is that?

Next up is the ultimate chocoholics product – The Liquid Chocolate Body Mask. It smells like pure melted chocolate and is just DEVINE. I felt like I was slathering my skin with warm, rich, decadent chocolate and it was heaven! I sat there wrapped in my mask like a warm blanket as the rich cocoa soaked into my skin, with some chocolate to eat too for the ultimate experience!

Other products worthy of a mention is the Cocoa and Kaolin Thermal Mask, which is like having a spa treatment in your own home. This one isn’t as sweet and chocolatey, but is spa-like in scent and nourishes the skin so intensely with it’s mineral rich clay.

The Wonder Balm is such a versatile product in a reusable bamboo pot. This little pot of magic nourishes and soothes and dry patches around the body and can be used to achieve a dewy glow too.

Lastly, the Rabot 1745 range isn’t just about bath time pampering – I’ve taken the luxury from the bathroom with the handbag sized hand creams and lip balms too (the cocoa and coconut scent smells AMAZING).

Overall – I feel like the Rabot 1745 Beauty Collection is such a hidden gem! Even though they’ve been around a while now, I only recently discovered them and I’m wondering why they aren’t talked about more, seeing as everyone knows the Hotel Chocolat brand. I just love that the products are steeped in history from the Rabot Estate in Saint Lucia, each ingredient has been so well thought through with the utmost care in creating the most luxurious yet sustainable products, and for me – just having a bath in chocolate and coffee is just the dream!

You can shop Rabot 1745 products here, with an AMAZING discount code of 20% off the entire order with with the code FIZZY20 – plus, if you’d like to win a Rabot 1745 Body Scrub and the magical Wonder Balm, head over to Instagram where I am holding a little giveaway too!

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