The Importance of Sitting Down Together for Family Meals

Do you and the family regularly sit down for family meals? If not, it’s time to make a resolution to change that. 

Eating together at the dining table provides many benefits for you and the kids. It’s been scientifically proven that sitting down together for family meals is important. So, why are sit-down family meals important and what benefits can it deliver?

Helping you to develop a stronger family bond

One of the main benefits of sitting down together as a family to eat, is that you’ll develop a much stronger bond together. Many families avoid sitting down together because they don’t have enough seating around the table. No matter how large your family is, you’ll be able to find a table to fit everyone. Companies such as Heal’s offer extended dining table options, great for larger families. 

Sitting around the table together gives you the opportunity to catch up on what’s happening with each member of the family. You’ll actually get to talk to one another and create more meaningful relationships.

Encouraging healthier food choices

Another great reason for choosing to sit around the dinner table together, is that it can encourage healthier food choices. This is because you’ll typically cook more meals from scratch, allowing you to serve up more nutritious foods. You’ll also find that the kids are more likely to try new foods if they sit around the table as a family. So, if you’re looking to improve your family’s diet, start serving dinner at the table. 

Another way eating together can be healthier is because it encourages you to eat slower. When you’re watching television while eating for example, it’s easy to not pay attention and end up eating too much. This can be helpful if you or a family member are struggling with digesting food and require the help of a liquid thickener to aid swallowing. 

It can help to ease stress

Let’s face it, life today can become extremely stressful. When you’ve spent all day either working or being a full-time mum, it can be difficult to switch off. Having dinner around the table with your family can dramatically help to reduce the stress. You’ll notice your tension fading away as you eat and communicate with the rest of the family.

These are some of the ways eating together as a family around the table can benefit your household. All of the benefits above have been scientifically proven. So, if you’re looking to bond more as a family and eat healthier, sitting down together to eat is a great idea. 

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