Violet & Pearl – Siblings June & July 2019

June and July have been awesome month’s for Violet and Pearl, as not only did they go on holiday together, but have become inseparable best friends too. We went away on our Norwegian Fjords cruise in June, which was a challenge with two children so small, but it was perfect for Violet and Pearl as they had a whole week together of new experiences, adventures and LOTS of time playing and hanging out together! It was great for their bond and we had so many lovely moments with them both.

With Pearl on the cusp of turning one, she’s becoming her own little person and is able to join in so much more with what Violet is doing. I often catch them making up little games together, passing toys, hiding behind doors, playing in the toy kitchen together. Hearing them giggling and laughing together is just the sweetest thing ever, it melts my heart every time. They tickle each other and give each other sneaky looks before running away into the next room. It makes all the hard work of a small age gap worthwhile.

I’m finding they’ll entertain each other more so I can get on with bits around the house which is so nice to finally get a little bit of time back.

Whilst we were on holiday we did a little photoshoot with the girls on the deck. I thought it would be a fun way to take photos they’ll treasure forever of their first holiday together, but it wasn’t exactly plain sailing (ha!) Following the cruise theme, we put them in the cutest Nautical Dresses and sat them together with the most stunning view. Of course, they didn’t sit still for two seconds, they thought it was hilarious to crawl off, rolling around on the ground together in their brand new dresses. I managed to quickly snap a few photos where they are vaguely sitting together, but I have no idea why I thought a photoshoot with an 11 month and a 2 year old would work! The photos are cute though and capture the moment…. even if not picture perfect.

Violet is still calling Pearl ‘Baby’ (which I think she is going to do forever!) but she’s really taken to the big sister role. She likes to look after Pearl by helping her get dressed, putting her shoes on, feeding her milk and won’t get into the car unless Pearl is already in her car seat as she thinks we are leaving without her! When they are in the bath together, they kick their legs splashing the water together and Violet will wash Pearl, excitedly saying ‘bubbles, baby!!’

Of course, they do squabble too, usually over a toy they both want to play with or when Pearl decides to just bundle Violet. Before, Pearl was too little to defend herself but in the last month Pearl has learned to stick up for herself and has developed quite a fiery temper! I’m pretty sure in the next month or so she will learn to put Violet in her place, but for now she goes red with rage and clenches and shakes her fist when they fall out!

It feels like as they get older their age gap is getting smaller all the time. Pearl wants everything Violet has. She’s not interested in baby food or milk – she wants the huge piece of pizza or the juice she’s seen Violet having. There is no fooling her if I give her the baby food alternative! She’s desperate to walk and join in with everything Violet does which means she’s on her feet, surfing around the furniture all day. I think as soon as she’s up on her feet walking there will be no stopping her and it’ll be like having twins!

Dresses gifted by JoJo Maman Bebe

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