3 easy ways to transform our conservatory

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Since we moved into our house, we’ve been slowing renovating each room and making it our own. Luckily, it was in good condition when we bought it, but not our style so theres been so rush but I’d love it to be finished! It’s been a long slog but seeing as Pearl was born 3 months after we moved in, I think we’ve done quite a bit already!

One space that I feel is totally wasted at the moment is our conservatory. It’s such an annoying size, it’s just a bit too small to be functional as a dining room as the table only fits pushed against the wall (and when the chairs are round it everyone has to breathe in to fit!). It’s a really great space for writing, it’s sunny and light and one of my favourite quiet spots to set up with my laptop and a coffee when the girls are asleep, although I’ll confess it’s often used as an area to store our GIANT washing pile and washing racks, in the sunshine it gets so warm everything dries so quickly but a laundrette is probably not the most stylish use for it for sure!

I can’t wait to make some changes now but I always have my eye on an extension one day. When it comes to extending it I’d love to make it big enough for a dining room table (and the chairs!) and some big comfy seating like a whole reading nook with a book shelf – I’ve been having a look at choosing the right conservatory glass on the TuffX website and have created my dream floor plans so watch this space, but for the time being, I wanted to add a few little touches that will add a touch of comfort to our space right now……


Conservatories are PERFECT for plants, it’s like having a greenhouse attached to the house, although choosing the right ones to survive the extreme warm and cold temperatures can be important too. I want to fill our conservatory with plants,  especially some succulents, cacti and I finally need a place to hang the macrame plant hanger that took me weeks to create!


As it’s such a small space, the washing racks need to be cleared away, they just take over!  Instead I want to create a multipurpose reading/writing desk area and eating space. The table can be transformed into a desk, with some storage drawers to store work items away when we are eating dinner. In the corner we want to put a comfy chair, perfect for reading in the sun.

Personal Touches


At the moment the space looks like a utility room, so it needs some personal items to inject some personality into the room! I’d love to buy some gorgeous candles and ornaments to really enhance the relaxing atmosphere and make the most of the space.

One rule for our new conservatory is – strictly no children’s toys!

Over the next few weeks I’m going to be redesigning our conservatory and sharing our progress on my social media channels. What additions would you add to a small space like this? 



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