5 important facts about car MOT tests

The UK is undergoing a bit of a rare heatwave at the moment so there are a few basic car safety checks you need to carry out, including finding out if your car MOT is due.  In the UK, getting an MOT test on your car once a year is a legal requirement, so here are five facts about MOT tests every driver needs to know….

It’s a legal requirement 

Brought in way back in the 1960’s, if you drive without an MOT you could be looking at a fine of £1000 plus invalid insurance and you won’t be able to renew your road tax either, so it’s an essential. The roads of London’s can be busy and stressful so you’ll want to get the safety of your vehicle checked regularly anyway for a hassle free drive.

What do they check? 

During the test your mechanic will check a car’s safety and roadworthiness, in particular its brakes and emissions. It’s necessary on a vehicle’s third birthday, then annually. There are over 600 ways to fail – so the list of internal and external checks is extensive!  The MOT check is a visual check only – examiners are not allowed to change or remove anything on your car, this would need to be done via a service.

Where can you get it done? 

Contact your local garage for MOT details, in London head to DAT tyres for quick and easy MOT checks that are convenient and fit into your schedule.

Is my air conditioning included within the check? 

No – as air conditioning is not essential to the safety and drivability of vehicle it’s not something that will be checked as standard. When you are booking your car in for it’s annual MOT it’s a great time to ask your mechanic to give your air con a check too, especially if it’s the height of summer!

Will they check my tyres? 

Yes – most definitely, this is one of the most important checks as tyre safety is paramount when driving a car. The hot weather and busy roads of London can contribute to high levels of wear and tear on your tyres so your mechanic will advise if these need replacing during your MOT check.


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