Pearl is One!

If you are reading this, it’s official – Pearl is ONE and I’m probably off crying into a huge slice of birthday cake and a glass of prosecco somewhere….

I remember feeling emotional on Violet’s first birthday, but also so excited about the next stages. This time, I just want to cherish Pearl’s baby days forever – that newborn smell, the still in the night when it’s you against the world, baby grows and poppers, little booties that will never stay on. First foods, endless bottles of milk, checking the monitor to see if she’s still breathing. Smiles, cooes, kisses with dribble, fistfuls of hair tugged. Wobbly steps, pointing, laughing, saying ‘Mama’ and ‘Hiya’. Where has this year gone?

To mark this big milestone, we had a cake smash photoshoot with the lovely Nicola Jackson Photography.  She is brilliant and so patient working with little ones. She did Pearl’s newborn shoot so it was so much fun for her to capture how she is year later! We were meant to have our shoot outdoors but typically it was pouring with rain so she accommodated us at her indoor studio instead.

So to celebrate her birthday, I thought I’d share some of her snaps… I’m going back off to cry into my birthday cake now!

Thank you to Nicola Jackson Photography for the fabulous shoot! 

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