Teaching Your Child to Swim on Holiday

Taking your little ones on holiday this summer? This is the perfect opportunity to teach them to swim because they will get the chance to practice in a relaxed setting throughout the vacation and being able to practice this often is vital for learning. So, how can you teach your kids to swim this summer?

The Right Setting

First, it is important that you have the right setting. Hiring a private villa from somewhere like Villa Plus is a great idea because it means that they can practice anytime that you are at the villa. Additionally, if you have a private villa it means that they do not have to worry about other children distracting them or making them nervous. This will be the perfect environment for learning and developing their confidence. Since it is a private environment, you need to make sure that you are watching them whenever they are practising.

Swimming Aids

Swimming aids are great for learning to swim because they can help a child to improve their technique and build confidence in the water so make sure that you have the right swimming aids, such as armbands and noodles. 


Leading on from this, one of the biggest obstacles that kids face when learning to swim is submerging their head in the water. Having goggles can make this a much easier experience because they do not have to worry about getting water in their eyes.

Get in the Pool With Them

When teaching a child to swim, it is of great help if you are in the water with them. This will help them to develop their confidence and give you the ability to physically support them whilst they learn how to swim.

Keep It Fun

Crucially, you need to make sure that you make it fun as no-one will want to learn if they are not enjoying it or they feel criticised. You can make it fun by creating games and challenges and by always being supportive and celebrating their achievements. With time, practice and support, they should soon start to learn the basics and build confidence in the water.

A vacation is a great chance to teach your child to swim as it allows them to get plenty of practice in the water in a fun, relaxed and supportive environment. When you have access to a private pool and the time to get used to being in the water, it should soon see them build their confidence and begin to master the techniques.

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