How to apply your personality to your home decor

If a friend or relative of yours walked into your home without knowing it was yours, would they immediately say, “wow, this looks like somewhere [your name] would live?” If not, it’s worth asking yourself what the possibilities are for injecting more of who you truly are into your home decor – not least because it could help to make your humble abode a much more enjoyable place to be. 

Here are some of the best ways of achieving precisely that. 

Flaunt your passion 

There’s a common saying that what you do whenever you don’t have to work, is your ‘real work’ – so what’s yours, and is it suitably reflected in your property’s interior design? 

You might be a vinyl record collector, for instance, in which case, you may be interested in reading about the many ways those rare Springsteen or Bowie classics of yours can be most advantageously displayed, as explained by the Sound Matters website

Or maybe you’re an artist? If so, consider arranging your art supplies and a few of your favourite paintings around the place in a manner that leaves visitors in no doubt about who you truly are, while also giving you fresh inspiration on a day-to-day basis. 

Create vignettes 

A vignette is a small arrangement that says something about your home and who you are – so if you’ve got little personal mementos and other random objects lying around that you’re not sure what to do with, this might be your chance to make something visually appealing out of them. 

Think about such things, in other words, as that weird souvenir you picked up on your trip to Hong Kong, or the driving gloves you wore for that spectacular Top Gear-esque road trip with your childhood friend in 2013. 

Strike the right tones with your lighting 

How you illuminate your home may be one of those things you rarely even think about – which is a shame, given how profoundly the lighting in your property impacts on the mood it gives off. Even the most gorgeous living room, for example, won’t win too many hearts if you’ve only got a single dim overhead bulb in there. 

So, think carefully about the different parts of your home and each room where soft lighting might be added to create just the right vibe, while minimising the number of harsh spotlights you use, unless they’re on a dimmer switch. 

The design of the lighting itself will also make a difference, of course. Chic and contemporary floor lamps from the PAGAZZI brand, for instance, could be just the thing for imbuing a certain sophisticated aesthetic at the same time as bringing much-needed light to dark corners of your room, thereby helping to make the space look bigger as well. 

Be sure about what your style actually is 

You might think, “ah, I don’t have any particular style, really…” However, it’s well worth asking friends and family for ideas about what they consider your signature ‘look’ to be, before committing to what could end up being a lot of pricey home decor. 

Alternatively, just look at your wardrobe, what you’re wearing now, and what other styles you find yourself admiring when flicking through fashion or home decor magazines. 

Are you more of a ‘vintage’ person who would suit a home replete with charming ‘shabby chic’ items, or someone with more contemporary tastes, for whom sharper, sleeker and bolder furnishings might be especially appropriate? Determine this, and you might well find it much easier to coordinate your decor purchases and choices around a ‘theme’ that makes sense. 

There you have it – just a few pointers for getting you well on the way to putting together a genuinely distinctive home decor scheme that is utterly ‘you’. What are your own thoughts on this subject? Feel free to give your own perspective and suggestions in the comments section below.

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