3 tips for ultimate tyre safety this winter

As we head into the winter months, making sure your car is safe and sound for winter is so important. Cold, wet and icy conditions can make for treacherous conditions so today I’ve been outside today checking my car over from top to bottom and I thought I’d share 3 essential tips for checking your tyres, ahead of the cold months…

Check tyre pressure

When you run over speed bumps and go up and down kerbs – as you often need to in towns like Basingstoke – the air pressure in your tyres will lessen. Also more air is usually lost during warm weather, so more regular checks are needed when temperatures rise. If your tyre pressure is off, your ability to grip the road will drop, especially in wet road conditions. Check your tyres to ensure they are pumped up properly!

Tyre tread depth

Checking your legal tyre tread depth is one of the most important checks you can make on your car. Having worn out tyres can be seriously dangerous – an accident waiting to happen. There is also a risk of a £2,500 fine and three penalty points for a worn tyre too! The legal limit is 1.6mm, which you can check using the side of a 20p coin for ease – simply place a 20p coin into the main tread grooves of your tyre. If the outer band of the 20p coin is obscured when it is inserted, then your tread is above the legal limit.

Check for bulges and abnormalities

When tyres age, the rubber compound they are made from can begin to perish. It’s best to get small wear and tears repaired before you have a bigger issue like a bulging tyre. In such circumstances, you may notice gouge-like marks on the sidewall of your tyres. If not, then it will probably be that you detect bulging sections of rubber. If you spot bulging tyres, ensure they are changed immediately as this is extremely dangerous!

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