5 Tips for Looking Great in Sneakers

Sneakers can be worn outside of the gym. However, they cannot and should not be worn everywhere. Yes, in theory, you could choose to do this, but there are rules you have to follow if you want to be considered fashionable, and this only starts with not wearing gym shoes to a formal event. However, if you wear the right shoes the right way, you could make a fashion statement while wearing these comfortable, versatile shoes. Here are five tips for looking great in sneakers.

Wear Complementary Clothes

If you’re wearing sneakers, wear clothes that they complement. For example, wear them with pants that land right above your ankle. You may need to cuff them or cut them to make them this perfect length to wear with sneakers. This style of shoe is also an ideal match for a T-shirt dress. Stylish tennis shoes can be worn along with denim skirts as well as denim jeans. The best choice would be an A line skirt. You can dress down a pantsuit with luxurious athleisure tennis shoes. Low top sneakers will make the pant suit more feminine. A midi skirt can be dressed down by wearing white sneakers, too.

If you want a more retro, relaxed look, combine denim jeans, classic sneakers and a flare top. This is a great choice in the summer. In fact, if the shirt looks great with jeans, you can pair it with quality sneakers. You can probably pull off sneakers with any outfit that looks good dressed down with a denim jacket, too.

Wear the Right Type of Sneakers

The wrong sneakers to wear for a stylish look would be a scuffed up, sweaty pair you wear at the gym. For example, you don’t want to wear ratty old sneakers with anything; it will ruin the otherwise great outfit you are wearing. 

The next question most people will ask is what type of shoes they should have to pull off this look. The best choice would be the athleisure styles made to be stylish as well as functional. Balenciaga sneakers are great for this. If you want to look at some of their models, stores like SSENSE have a wide selection of Balenciaga sneakers. All of their items are 100% authentic as well, and they have one of the widest selections of Balenciaga sneakers you’ll find online. They also carry a selection of other high end sneakers, like Gucci and Givenchy just to name a few.

Try to choose sneakers that eliminate the need to wear socks. This fits the general fashion advice of either not wearing socks with stylish sneakers or not letting them show. The alternative is low-rider socks.

Choose Shoes with the Right Look

Most stylish sneakers have two color schemes: a solid color or classic stripes. Both the solid color shoes – in almost any color – and the classic stripe style portray a retro vibe that this style calls for. On the flip side, not all running shoes can be used in this way. Note that you can add a touch of color or contrast via shoelaces. For example, you could combine black sneakers and white jeans with white shoelaces in the sneakers. Or the shoelaces could be the same color as the shoes themselves.

White tennis shoes with white laces will complement any dress, though it is the ideal choice if the outfit has white accents. White, or off-white, tennis shoes are the only option if you are wearing a white outfit for the summer. You can mix it up, such as wearing white pants, a white jacket, white shoes and a striped shirt with a white background. Conversely, white tennis shoes can bring together a mixed print outfit as long as both of the prints contain white.

Consider the Compatible Outfits You Already Have

Here’s a fashion secret: if the outfit is cute and stylish with black slides, you can probably wear it with classic black sneakers, too. Slides in a solid color can be substituted with high end sneakers in the same color. This means white slides could be replaced by the white sneakers we mentioned going with nearly everything else in your wardrobe.

Don’t be Afraid to Mix it Up

You may not think that that cute pencil skirt you have will work with sneakers, but you could be surprised. It really depends on which sneakers you go for. For instance, a classic canvas shoe could work great with a pencil skirt and a nice top. Or you could go for the boho chic look with a nice hat, long flowy dress, and a denim jacket. Don’t be afraid to think outside the box and try different styles you may not think would work with sneakers at first thought.

You can wear classy sneakers with everything from denim pants to work outfits if you play it right. Follow our advice so that your stylish sneakers are an asset, not a liability.


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