Review: Hatchimals Pixies Royal Snowball

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I’m always on the hunt for little toys as either Christmas stocking fillers or toys to keep the girls busy if we decide to eat out at a restaurant. There is nothing worse than your main course turning up just as the toddler flees from the table for another lap around the room! A perfect little gift this year are the Hatchimals Pixies Royal Snowball edition. Violet is into her princesses and all things sparkly and magical so I knew she would just love these!

Inside each box you will find a Hatchimals Pixie inside her colourful egg, including a pixie bed, play stand and 3 mystery accessories for dressing up your pixie!

There are 8 different Hatchimals Pixies in the Royal Snowball collection. The pixies come from the Crystal Canyon, Polar Paradise, Wishing Star Waterfall or Glittering Garden – you won’t know which one you’ve got until it’s hatched.  Violet was so intrigued by her egg, turning it over, shaking it, she knew there was something inside but had no idea what….. The suspend and intrigue kept her busy for so long while she figured how to get into her egg.

To hatch your egg, you rub the purple heart until it turns pink, you will then be able to break the shell and catch a glimpse of your new Hatchimals Pixie! Inside the pixies are cute, colourful with sparkly hair, a sweet outfit and magical glittery wings that flutter.

As Violet’s egg broke open she said a big “WOW!!” pulling the pixie out and examining her treasure. The surprises kept on coming as we got the little accessory pack and stand out too.

She sat playing with her Pixie for so long – putting on her little tiara, trying on her little glasses! It was so cute and such lovely little bits to dress up her toy, the stand really helped her to play with her Pixie too.

There are 4 different eggs and 8 different Hatchimals Royal Snowball Pixies to collect. Violet absolutely loved hatching our two, the surprise on her face was just so sweet and each toy held her attention for so long too. They have very small parts so are not recommended for under 3’s so I played with Violet the whole time under close supervision. As Violet is coming up to 3 now she’s doesn’t put things in her mouth anymore but I’d avoid them with Pearl. The perfect stocking filler or ‘keep ’em busy’ present too!

Hatchimals Pixies Royal Snowball edition are priced at £7.99 and are available here.

Post contains PR samples

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