Review: Sodastream Spirit and a giveaway!

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Hands up, who remembers having a Sodastream in the 90’s? We did and I have fond memories of making concoctions of fizzy drinks from the huge selection syrups and the best bit – adding the FIZZ! That sound still sticks in my memory all these years later and buying a regular bottle of coke was never as exciting!

For me, Sodastream seemed to disappear after the 90’s, the fad was over and that was that…… until now. I’ve recently rediscovered Sodastream and was excited to see they have a swish new design that fits into any modern kitchen. I couldn’t WAIT to get my hands on one and relive those childhood memories! Keep reading as I’ve got a giveaway down at the bottom of this post so you could get your hands on one too!

Sodastream now has three designs, the Spirit Classic machine, Spirit One Touch Electric and a Crystal Glass version too.

We have the Spirit Classic machine, which comes in a variety of colours to suit every kitchen. I went for the Blush Pink as I thought it was the cutest of the collection – it doesn’t actually go with anything in our kitchen but I couldn’t resist the temptation for a pink kitchen accessory! You could also go for more sensible colours like white, black or even a gold version if you fancied it too!

The machines are super easy to set up – there is a gas canister which comes included in the box. This connects into the back and you are ready to get started! Creating sparkling water is as simple as pushing the button!

Sodastream also stock replacement gas bottles plus they have a cylinder plan for regular deliveries if you get through a lot! I’ve found so far ours has lasted a while so I don’t think we’ll be replacing it for a while.

The possibilities of drinks you can make with a Sodastream are endless. When I’m in the house I find I drink so much more water as it’s sparkling, I’ll make a big bottle in the morning and one at lunch time to keep hydrated through the day. It sounds silly, but I really enjoy pressing the button to fizz my water and going back to the machine reminds me to keep drinking throughout the day. For a simple flavour I add a touch of squash but you can get creative with Sodastream syrups or even create cocktails too!

You can order machines, bottles, syrups and more canisters from the Sodastream website, plus the machine we have in Blush Pink is available here.

So, it’s giveaway time! I’ve got one Sodastream Spirit machine in Blush Pink (just like the one I have) to giveaway to one lucky winner! If you’d like to be in for the chance to win, please head over my Instagram to enter!

Post contains PR samples

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