The best smart appliances for your home

Owning a home can be at times quite difficult to manage especially for mothers and full-time workers. However, with the rise of smart technology that can all remain in the past. Smart appliances are in place to take the pressure off ourselves and complete different tasks for us. Examples include robotic vacuums, smart doorbells, smart speakers and smart plugs.

Certas Energy has created an infographic informing us of how technology is improving day by day. In this post, I will explain about 4 products that add a smart element to your home.

Google nest hello doorbell

This smart doorbell can be bought for £229. When it is rung it immediately alerts your smartphone that someone is at the door. You can answer it from your phone where you can speak back and even see them through the camera on the device. As well as being able to answer through your phone you can leave pre-recorded messages to the caller, for example, to let the postman know, to leave the parcel in a safe place.

Eve Room indoor air quality monitor 

Eve Room is designed to track the air quality. It tracks for voltaic organic compounds that can be emitted from toys, furniture, and even cleaning materials. When contained indoors it can emit harmful emissions. As well as being able to track for voltaic organic compounds it can monitor the temperature in the room, which is important for babies rooms as they have to always be at a certain temperature to avoid them being in any harm.

Amazon smart plug 

For each of these plugs, they are priced at £24.99 and are controlled by your smartphone. These smart plugs can turn an appliance on and off and you can also create a routine. For example, you can set appliances to switch on or off in the morning, e.g. , turn on the coffee machine when you wake up.

Robotic vacuum  

The robotic vacuum is ideal for those who lead busy lives as the homeowner can do other things whilst their homes are being vacuumed. They are able to target the dirtiest areas in your home and you are able to set no go zones.



If you have any of these appliances at home and would love to share your thoughts then leave them in the comments below. 


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