3 reasons to fit perfect fit blinds

When we moved into our house, we were in a deliberation over to what kind of blinds to fit in our conservatory windows. With such big areas of glass to cover, we knew that the blinds we chose would make quite a statement so we had to chose carefully for something that would be stylish and in keeping with the aesthetic of our house.  Our house can be quite overlooked at the back, especially the conservatory as it’s higher than our garden. The conservatory also gets so hot in the summer, so having blinds means it’s not roasting in there when we fancy a spot of lunch in the shade!

After a lot of thought and research on the Make My Blinds website, we decided to go for Perfect Fit Blinds. They seemed the best option for us and now they’ve been fitted I couldn’t be happier with the result. If you too are thinking of going for the same, here are a few reasons we feel like Perfect Fit Blinds have been the right decision for us:

They fit perfectly!

I know, this one sounds obvious but having blinds that fit perfectly to the size and shape of the windows makes such a difference! Plus there is no drilling, screwing or extra parts to fit them, Perfect Fit Blinds clip snugly into the frame of a double-glazed/uPVC window and are suitable for nearly all window and doors.

They are safer

Having children around was a major concern when we looked into fitting blinds as many can have lengthy control cables and loose parts, but having perfect fit blinds is much safer when around small children as there are no control cables and the frames are clipped into the window/door.

Sleek and chic

As Perfect Fit blinds fit neatly into your window or door frame, they have such a neat, chic finish which lets in maximum natural light with no additional clutter. This is really handy for smaller rooms as they can brighten the space or add privacy without making it feel too closed in.  There are loads of different styles to chose from for all budgets and requirements.


Perfect Fit Blinds are best installed by a qualified specialist. When we were deciding on our blinds we ordered a few free samples to work out which would look best in our conservatory before booking our fitting appointment. This was to ensure we have ordered the absolute perfect size, fit and shape! When we had our blinds fitted it really made a clinical, cold looking conservatory look so homely. I’m so pleased with how our blinds turned out!



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