Heartfelt Gifts For Grandparents!

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Grandparents are the salt of the earth, these special people in our lives should be treated with the utmost respect and love that we can possibly give them. When Christmas rolls around it’s only natural that you’d want to treat your grandma and grandpa, the problem is finding the perfect gift. Most grandparents don’t tend to be flashy- they don’t want the latest gadgets and other super expensive gifts. In many cases, it’s the simple, sentimental things that have the most impact. Here are some ideas to get you started!

An experience gift you can do together

Experience gifts can be anything from driving supercars to flying helicopters- probably not what you’re looking for for your nan and granddad! However there are plenty of things that WILL suit them, how about an afternoon tea voucher or a steam train ride? It could be a restaurant voucher for their favourite place to eat, or tickets to somewhere like the national trust. Experience gifts are something that your grandparents could do together, or how you and other members of your family could spend time with them. And we all know that time spent together is the most precious gift of all. 

A photo gift

What could be more sweet and sentimental than a photo gift? It could be anything from a framed photo or canvas to a mug, cushion or a full photo book or scrapbook. For something along these lines but a little different, why not get a casting kit? Here you can make a sculpture of all of the family’s hands together for a unique and personal ornament. There are lots of companies offering these kinds of cool, personal presents so have a look online and consider something like this for your grandparents. 

A handmade gift

Handmade gifts are from the heart, so why not give something you’ve made with love? If you have a craft or skill that you’re very good at then you could utilise this. Alternatively, you could make something together with your children which would be a real family project with great end results. Pinterest is full of ideas, so get inspired and buy some materials so you can let your creative juices flow. It could be anything from baked goods to something you’ve sewn, painted or sculpted. Because it’s made by you it will be much more meaningful than a generic item off the shelves. 


What sort of gifts do you think are best for grandparents? What will you be buying for your grandma and grandpa this year which you think they’ll love?


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