Pearl’s 15 month update

Pearl’s 15 month update

Photo credit: Nicola Jackson Photography

Wow, it’s been a LONG time since I wrote an update for one of the girls. It’s such a shame as I love these kinds of posts but time has just escaped me and in the blink of an eye, Pearl is now 16 months old. How did that happen?! I was scrolling Facebook the other day and saw Violet’s 15 month update post on my feed and did a double take, I thought it was a picture of Pearl! Seeing this inspired me to get back on the bandwagon and write a similar post for Pearl as it’s so lovely to look back on the memories and compare what they are like at a similar age. I always say how different they look, but actually looking back at Violet’s post, they actually look so similar!

Photo credit: Nicola Jackson Photography


Pearl, or as she’s known in our house as ‘the wrecking ball’ is a full on toddler now. She started walking around her first birthday and was off straight away – I often hear running in the hallway and think it’s Violet, she’s so quick! Her nickname “wrecking ball” comes from her ability to turn a room into a total disaster zone within minutes, she’ll pull every toy out of a box, empty cupboards, pull apart entire toilet rolls and spread food, crayons, folded washing or anything she can get her hands on across a room in seconds – she needs to be watched at ALL TIMES which isn’t always possible with two as I’ll often be distracted helping Violet and BAM, Pearl turns into the little wrecking ball again. I’ve never spent so long tidying up after one person – I thought Violet was bad!

Apart from her ability to wreck a room, Pearl’s is so sweet natured and melts everyone’s hearts with her kindness. She loves giving cuddles and kisses and rarely causes a fuss or cries. She’s an easy going character, who loves to be played with, tickled or thrown upside down. She’s starting to show a creative side, wanting to draw and paint just as much as her sister and loves to climb, beaming huge smiles if we go to softplay.

She does have the odd tantrum (she’s a toddler after all) where she’ll throw herself backwards in a rage and be inconsolable – this is usually after a squabble with her sister over a toy or if she’s overtired!

Photo credit: Nicola Jackson Photography


Pearl started out as a brilliant eater but since turning one this has only gone downhill as she’s learned to say no and to have her own opinion. She has developed a fussy side but definitely has a savory tooth – she loves cheese, sandwiches, breadsticks, Quorn and salmon pieces. But of course now that she has started taking solid foods, we have to also start bringing her for regular dental visits with this experienced dentist in Pearland to ensure that her growing teeth are well taken care of. When I cook spaghetti cabonara, she will pick all the little pieces of Quorn bacon out and leave the pasta, Violet will eat all the pasta and leave the bacon so they swap bowls to finish each others! At least with opposite tastes they never argue! We struggle to get Pearl to eat any fruit and she’ll amazingly turn down cake too!

She’s a milk monster and we’ve had struggles getting her off her formula and bottles, which she still has at 16 months. She can’t drink cows milk so we give her Oatly Barista milk, but if it isn’t mixed into formula she instantly knows and will say ‘NO!’ and push it away, whilst doing the sign language for ‘Milk’ and saying ‘Mmma, mmmaa, mmmaaa’ (for milk). We’ve tried everything to wean her off but nothing has worked yet!


On the whole Pearl is a good sleeper. She’s very easy to settle and wants to go to bed at 6:30pm without a fuss, by this time she’ll be exhausted. She is still waking in the night for at least 1 feed, sometimes 2 or 3 and recently we’ve had a few disturbed nights as she’s had SEVEN teeth coming through at once, but I’m always thankful that she’s usually easy to settle (unlike Violet used to be!!). The issue with Pearl’s sleep is that she’ll be up in the night a couple of times then fully awake by 5am so it’s pretty exhausting!

It’s lovely having a baby that goes to bed at 6pm, but we are not in bed at that time so I feel I need to go bed early in preparation for Pearl getting up at 5am. Violet often won’t settle until 9/10pm (she’s opposite and so difficult to settle) so as they are opposite on their sleep schedules we don’t often get a peaceful evening or a peaceful morning either – It’s tricky! Hoping as Pearl moves towards being 2 she might go to bed a little later and wake up later. Violet will stay in bed until about 8:30-9am given the chance so if they could both do that, it would be AMAZING.


We’ve done SO much since our last update it’s hard to know where to start. With Pearl starting nursery in the new year I’m feeling like my days where I have her on my own are numbered so I’m trying to do as much with her as possible to make the most of this time.

The big things were that Pearl went on her first flight when we went to Budapest for the weekend. She was so good and didn’t make a fuss at all, even though she was feeling really poorly and fell asleep in my arms for the majority of the journey.

We also took Pearl to see Father Christmas at Drusillas, which she loved and was more confident around him than Violet was, despite Violet saying how excited she was in the run up to it….

All in all, Pearl is a very easy toddler to be around – she lights up a room with her sweetness and I can’t wait to watch her grow over the the next few months into a proper little girl!

Photo credit: Little Acorns Photography

MONTHS 12-15: 

Feeding:  Fussy but loves savory foods, milk monster that won’t stop with the formula, loves Weetabix!

Weight: Oops, not sure on this one! Will take her for a weigh in soon! ☺️

Sleeping: Loves her sleep and will be ready to go to bed at 6:30pm without a peep, still wakes in the night for a quick feed, early riser and up at 5-6am.

Skills:  Confident walking, running, climbing, copying everything her sister does, loves to dance and bop along to music. She signs a few words like ‘Milk’ and ‘Thank You’.

Words: She says more words than Violet did at this age, I think it’s down to being around Violet all the time – some of the words she currently says are – hello, bye bye, bubble, cheese, dirty, no, doggy, teddies, row row, this, that and a few more!

Favourite things: Days out, getting out the buggy, softplay, climbing, pulling everything out of cupboards, singing ‘Row, Row, Row your boat’, giving kisses (she says ‘mwa!’)

Hated things: When Violet takes away her toys

Funny things: At 4:30pm on the dot, she’ll walk into the bathroom and start saying ‘Bubble, bubble, bubble’ over and over as she wants her bathtime, she’ll try and take her clothes off and point to the bath until you run it and put her in!


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