Bobbi Brown, a Spa Day and some treats just for me | #LittleLoves January

Post contains PR samples and a gifted experience

One of my New Year’s resolutions is to write more blog posts. At the end of 2019 I got very swept up with Instagram, spending most of my time creating posts over there as well as scrolling endlessly as it’s all too easy to do. This year I want to take it back to basics – I started as a blogger and it’s what I love, writing, photography and documenting my life. I’ve worked on this blog since 2012, so I need to get back into the swing of things and will be posting a lot more!

So, a new series on my blog is going to be my ‘Little Loves’, where I talk about all the things I’ve been loving in the past month. This could be anything from products I’ve been loving to books, TV programs, toys, days out or anything! Hopefully it’ll be an eclectic collection of things that will share a bit about our lives and inspire.

My first post is going to be a completely child-free zone. I don’t often find myself writing about anything but parenting, toys and baby products anymore, so it feels nice to include a few things just for me for a change! I’ve had my fair share of nappy changes, trips to soft play  so I feel I deserve a bit of a pamper. It’s helping me to feel like ‘me’ again after having the two babies relatively close together, plus this month’s post this has been a delight to put together with some real treats! 

Daisy London

It’s been a long while since I wore a new piece of jewellery so when I saw Daisy London’s Mother of Pearl Necklace I knew it was the one for me, after all, I am a mother of Pearl! The necklace looks gorgeous with any outfit, it’s such a classic, versatile design, which is really eye catching in the light – most importantly it reminds me of my little Pearl.

Daisy London are a fabulous brand known for creating stunning everyday pieces of jewellery with deeper meaning. They also have a collection by Estee Lalonde, who I’ve followed since the very start of my blog and I’ve always been inspired by. With gorgeous but affordable pieces Daisy London is perfect if you are looking for jewellery gifts this Valentines Day too.

Spa Day at Ockenden Manor

Ok, technically this wasn’t in January but for my birthday in November however our Spa Day at Ockenden Manor Hotel and Spa certainly deserves a mention. We went for a relaxing day of treatments, floating around in the pool followed with an Afternoon Tea in the restaurant and it was bliss. I had a 90 minute Light Treatment, which was a mix of massage, guided meditation and Reiki, plus 30 minutes in the ISO flotation tank which left me feeling like I was walking on air. It was our first day away from the babies since Pearl was born so was so needed!

Bobbi Brown Make Up

I’ve been a fan of Bobbi Brown make-up for a long time now. Back in the summer of 2018 they invited me to one of their events where they would teach us how to do our make-up, I turned up heavily pregnant (amongst a bunch of young, slender whippersnappers) and so big I couldn’t heave myself onto the little stool without help from TWO people. When I finally got up to the table, my bump knocked all the make-up off the table onto the floor so someone had to pick it all up for. With all of this, Bobbi Brown still amazingly kept me on their press list, maybe for rocking the ‘real Mum style’ – I was SO excited when they sent me a few of their new releases at Christmas time! How gorgeous are these palettes? Plus the Bobbi Brown Smokey Eye Mascara is just epic too.

Corhorted Beauty Box

The last of my picks this month is a beauty box subscription from Cohorted. I haven’t mentioned on the blog yet, but I’ve been writing for their website Cohorted Cult as they’ve just created a brand new column on Millennial parenting. This is all very exciting and you can see my posts here, as a little perk of the job I get their boxes monthly on my doorstep which are such a lovely little treat! I’ve not been asked to post about here but I wanted to as I’ve been so impressed with the content of the boxes – they always include high quality, full size products. It’s been great to have a little pamper session every month when my box arrives.

Those were my favourite picks this month! It’s been lovely to write about beauty products and make-up again as that is where I started out afterall.

What have you been loving this January?

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  • Happy 2020 Lyndsay! It’s still early in the month so I don’t want to pin down a highlight just yet, although so far spotting Nick Cave at Brighton train station is my runaway fave moment.