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With two little ones and my own business to run, it’s fair to say I’ve got my hands full most of the time. We don’t have immediate family around to look after the children and my often my friends kindly offer but they have children themselves so it doesn’t feel fair to ask them as they must be exhausted too!  If I need some time to get work done or to sneak in a cheeky date night usually we’ll find a babysitter online to give us a helping hand. It can often feel such a juggle when it comes to childcare and overwhelming, relentless and exhausting too, so finding a website called where you can find all types of childcare online has been such a lifesaver to us.

How does work?

If you are looking for local childcare, you can register for free and browse a complete one-stop-shop for all your childcare needs – whether it’s a nursery, nanny or childminder you are looking for more long-term care to babysitters, tutors, plus private midwives and doulas too! Setting up on the site is quick and easy. Once you’ve made your profile you can browse the thousands of profiles to find your perfect match all around the UK. has over 2 million users, so you’ll be spoiled for choice for sure.

My search to find a local babysitter

The first time I used to search for a babysitter in my local area my initial search returned with 802 different options! I live close to Brighton so it’s clearly a popular area, which is fabulous for us as there is so much choice! Obviously, that was too many to scroll through so I found the advanced search function to narrow down my search by a closer location to my home, gender, smoker/non-smoker plus the timings you’d require them. On their profile, you can see a photo, a biography where they will list their experience, qualifications, DBS checks and a little bit more about them, including an indication of their hourly rate. There is a section to read reviews from other parents and a table of their available hours. To find out more about your preferred profiles you can drop them a line and ask further questions.

How easy is it to find a babysitter online?

I found the site extremely easy and user-friendly to use. My first search was to find a babysitter online –  within minutes I was chatting away to a lovely local lady who is available to babysit at the times we require, she’s got all the qualifications we require plus great reviews too. She’s also a dog lover too which is important for us as Robbie will be home too! I’ve also used the site in the past to find a nursery before we signed Violet up.

The benefits of using

  • Free and easy to use – just sign up and start searching within minutes.
  • Access to thousands of users to find the perfect childcare option for your family
  • A real personal touch, photos, reviews and the ability to message your chosen provider mean you can build a relationship before agreeing to work with them.
  • Genuine reviews that put your mind at rest – it can be so daunting inviting a stranger to take care of your children but with a full list of reviews and qualifications, you know your child will be in safe hands.
  • A great place to search for childcare jobs if you are looking to work with children
  • Full of extra resources, like how to find the right nanny, interview questions, first aid training, safeguarding training and more.

It’s been reassuring to know we’ve got all these options at the touch of a button, if a birthday party, wedding or work meeting comes up I know we will be 100% covered.

If you’ve not signed up yet, head over to to create a profile now!

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