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Post is written in paid partnership with DYPER 

Choosing a brand of nappies for your baby can be confusing business. When Violet was first born it seemed like a minefield with so many different brands on the market, it was difficult to know where to start! Nearly 3 years into my nappy journey with two different babies to cater for we’ve tried and tested many brands in a quest to find a really good all-round nappy which is leak free, clean and eco too. I’ve found this pretty hard to come by!

As you know, I love to use cloth nappies a lot of the time but I’ve never quite got to grips with using them on long days out or during the night time (or just if I’m feeling a bit exhausted and my laundry pile is up to the rafters) so I do use a mixture of both kinds of nappy. I’m a firm believer that there is enough to worry about as a Mum so if there is anything that can make my life easier, I’ll take it!

That’s why I was excited to hear a much-loved American brand of nappies (or should I say diapers!) was coming to the UK and I couldn’t wait to give them a go. Introducing DYPER. You might not have seen these on the UK yet but after giving them a try with Pearl for the last couple of months I’m sure they are going to be super popular.

Here are a few reasons why:

  • Super Easy & Reliable Service – with a subscription service (which can be ordered online or though a handy app) you can make sure the exact quality you need is delivered on time without needing to go to the shops. This is also great if you are using cloth nappies some of the time like me or potty training as you can fine tune the amount you need without paying extra.
  • Kind for the planet – DYPER nappies are made with responsibly sourced bamboo and packaged in oxo-biodegradable materials too. With proper care, nappies can be composted at home and another amazing fact is that with each DYPER delivery they will purchase carbon offsets on behalf of our subscribers to help reforestation efforts.
  • Lovely for bums – DYPER nappies are made with absolutely no nasties – there is no chlorine, latex, alcohol, perfumes, PVC, lotions, TBT or Phthalates. They are gorgeously soft to the touch, yet super absorbent too.

We’ve now been using DYPER with Pearl for a couple of months now and have found it’s the perfect balance for us to compliment our half cloth/half disposable lifestyle in a bid to save our planet. One thing I really love about the subscription is just not having to worry about running out of nappies! I was forever running out when we were using supermarket brand disposables and having to nip down to our local Tesco Express where the nappies are extortionate for a small bag, so knowing I’ve got deliveries lined up just takes one hugely important thing off my mind.

Pearl is also a real wriggler when it comes to nappy changes and when we are out and about! She’s a boisterous toddler now so needs a nappy that can withstand a bashing and won’t be ripped off within seconds. Despite being super soft, these seem ultra durable too and able to last a night without leaks too.

Now, there is one last thing I wanted to share with you about DYPER. They have an awesome ambassador scheme which means you can earn free nappies and cash every month just by spreading the word.

To sign up:

  • Visit the DYPER Ambassor site here
  • Tap on ‘Join Now’
  • Fill out your basic Information and you will be given a custom link to share with friends/families/followers etc.
  • Promotions available to be Included In your link – free Diaper Backpack, free Custom DYPER Earphones, 25% off (1 free week)

This certainly is a nappy brand with a difference. A fresh new way to buy nappies hassle free in the UK, save money and our planet too!

For more information head to the DYPER website here.


Post is written in paid partnership with DYPER 

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  • There literally are no eco disposable nappies. They don’t exist. You say they can be composted at home, no one would ever do that in reality, you would use too many. They still take 500 years to break down in landfill, regardless of what materials they’re made with. These brands are all greenwashing and it’s disappointing to see so many people falling for their hype and still opting for whatever makes their life easier when the planet is literally burning right now.

    • Hi Emma,
      I’m Markus from Dyper.
      I agree with you that home composting is a big commitment and for sure not for everyone. That’s why we have introduced REDYPER ( in the US which makes composting available to all. We are exploring how we can make something similar work in the UK.

      We are certainly not perfect, however our commitment is to constantly improve our supply chain, product quality, delivery service and composting ability in order to reduce the environmental impact from the use of disposable nappies whilst delivering an excellent service and product to our customers.

      Kind regards,